Artigo Screed - rubber floor with concrete screed design

Rubber floor Artigo Screed.

The newest addition to the Italian rubber flooring Artigo is a design called Screed. It recalls the classic concrete screed, whose rustic simplicity can be a refreshing addition to modern interiors. It is availabe in six colors, from leight beige to charcoal black.

Properties of rubber flooring Artigo Screed:

• It is soft and flexible, walking on it is pleasant.

• It has high resistance to abrasion and pressure, it is water resistant.

• Offering excellent noise insulation, reduces noise up to 10 dB.

• Series Screed is treated with surface finish PRO which lowers the cost of cleaning and maintenance and prolongs the life of flooring.

• It has a highest performance classification - 23, 34, 43. It is suitable for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial areas.

• Screed doesnt contain phthalates, formaldehyde, or halogens, it is a mixture of natural rubber, minerals, vegetable fibers and oils.

Rubber flooring Artigo Screed can be supplied in rolls (1.9 x 10 m) or squares (61 x 61 cm) with a total thickness of covering 3 mm. If you want to see all the samples of Artigo Screed floors with your own eyes, visit our showroom.


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