Architop – polished concrete floor

Concrete floor coating Architop - resilient  design flooring.

We present you our new product – polymer cement coating Architop, which is ideal for restoration of almost all kinds of floors. Architop is not a concrete imitation, Architop really is concrete. Its properties are sometimes even better than classic concrete – for example this coating has twice as much strenght than concrete, about 38 N/mm2. The thickness of Architop is between just 3 to 4 mm and you can have a new modern floor.

Features of floor coating Architop:

• Increased adhesion

Excellent water resistence, increased resistance to chemicals products

Double abrasion resistence, increases freeze-thaw resistance

Absence of joints, if not provided for by existing floor

• Can be finished either smooth or textured

• available in 29 colours

Application of Architop:

Floor coating Architop is suitable for internal and external areas, you can use it on terraces, balconies, to the gardens, around pools… In residential (houses) and commercial (offices, shops, schools) areas you can renew your old concrete or ceramics flooring with this design coating. Architop offers many surface finishes: smooth for interiors, semi-smooth or brush for exteriors – the choice is up to you.


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