M2 Carpets - custom designed printed carpets

M2 Carpets - custom designed printed carpets

As many ideas you have as many possibilities offers M2 Carpets. M2 offers fully custom designed and custom made printed carpets according to your wish. They can manufacture any design, motive or color you can imagine. The only limit is your imagination.

M2 custom designed carpets

• custom designed motive

• any color or color combination

• custom shape and size

• high resistant carpets suitable for high traffic areas

• suitable for commercial areas, hospitality, hotels, office buildings etc.

• high-quality printed carpets - cutting-edge Chromojet hi-def printing technology

• material - high quality heat-set polyamide 6 cut pile construction

• choice of 3 pile weights - Essentials 900, Essentials 1100 and Essentials 1300

How does M2 Carpets born?

For the beginning the conception of the design is needed, no matter if it is sketches, blueprint, textiles, patterns, fabrics, wallpapers or photos. Decide on the quality (pile weight) of carpet your project requires. Creative, color and graphic implementation of the concept will be made by experienced carpet designers. And approved design will be printed on hi-tech printer with incredible accuracy.


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