Polyscreen - upholstery fabric for the outdoor furniture

Upholstery fabric for the outdoor furniture, Polyscreen woven vinyl.

Woven vinyl is a very remarkable material - apart from floor installation (Fitnice collection with a variety of formats and colors) and wall installation (Fitnice Wall as vinyl wallpaper in rolls) there is a woven vinyl Polyscreen as a furniture upholstery. Due to the absence of backing, this material is thin and flexible and easily adaptable to the desired shape - it is often used to produce shading blinds or bordering of the rugs.

Properties of the Polyscreen woven vinyl:

Durability: Woven vinyl is very durable material suitable for interior and exterior.

Washability: It is non-absorbent, easy to maintain.

Fresh design: Woven material has an interesting look.

Variety of structures and colors: Thanks to a large number of colors and surface structures, it can be matched to almost any interior - both modern and classical.

Use of upholstery vinyl:

• Upholstery of office or apartment chairs and armchairs

• Upholstery of garden furniture

• Upholstery of sunbeds and pool seats

Polyscreen vinyl fabric is available in rolls of various lenghts and widths, depending on the type. Available color range is from white and light gray through earthy tones to dark purple and red. To see the Polyscreen woven fabrics with your own eyes, visit our showroom where we have not only office furniture covered with this material but also samples of all the collections in all colors.


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