New shapes of Fitnice woven vinyl

New shapes of Fitnice woven vinyl for the floor, BOCA Praha supplier.

The Spanish company Vertisol, which supplies us with Fitnice woven vinyl, has now expanded its portfolio of available shapes. In addition to classical roles and squares, planks and diamonds, there are now three other shapes - hexagons and two triangles, equilateral and isosceles. The exact dimensions of the new shapes are shown in the first image in the gallery bellow.

The already big enough design possibilities of this material are further expanding - with a total of six different shapes (except for rolls), almost anything you can do on the floor.

Some benefits of Fitnice woven vinyl:

• Woven vinyl is a highly durable material.

• Design options for Fitnice are really wide - with six different shapes and a variety of colors and surface types, many patterns can be created on the floor.

Walking comfort is higher for woven vinyl than normal hard flooring, with softer walking, feels warmer for barefoot also.

• The surface of Fitnice woven vinyl has a diverse structure, it is not smooth and therefore acts as a natural anti-slip.

• Woven vinyl is a versatile flooring material - fits into flats, offices, shops and other commercial areas, both indoors and outdoors.

You can see ale the samples of Fitnice woven vinyl for floor and walls in our showroom, we will show you everything and help you with your choice.


Fitnice woven vinyl as an ideal flooring for the offices and hotels.Fitnice woven vinyl as an ideal flooring for the offices and hotels.

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