Lixio - polished floors with a luxurious look

Lixio - polished cement-marble floors with a luxurious loo, BOCA Group floors.

The tradition of Italian terrazzo in a modern concept - this is Lixio floor. Highly decorative surfaces modify classic terrazzo to fit today's demands so that it can be used in private homes and residences as well as in hotels, restaurants or museums.

Lixio floors are made of cement, polymer and high quality marble aggregates: these components can be of different colors, so the number of resulting combinations is quite high. Additionally, it is possible to choose from several types of surfaces depending on where the floor is installed - the exterior surface can be coarser, the interior surface can be completely smooth with high gloss.

Benefits of the Lixio floor:

• It can be used both for interior and exterior, it is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions.

• It is extremely resistant to abrasion and requires minimal maintenance.

• Low thickness – Lixio can be applied from 5-6 mm thickness.

• There are many various color combinations available.

• Various types of the final finish – from coarser to smooth.

Where does Lixio floor fit?

Thanks to its high resistance, Lixio floors can be applied to both indoor and outdoor areas. With a wide range of shades, they blend well with different styles - from historic and traditional interiors to modern design.


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