BOCA Group a.s. BOCA Group a.s. logo 230 59 en Mon, 25 Mar 2019 22:05:00 Mon, 25 Mar 2019 22:05:00 Microverlay – design coating for floors and walls <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Microverlay cement coating</a> from our Italian supplier Isoplam you can get exactly the paving you desire: fully customisable in colours and effects; easy and quick to install, even on existing surfaces. It is <strong>great for floors, walls, stairs and other solid surfaces </strong>(kitchen cabinets, bar counters etc.), in the interior or exterior. <strong>Properties of the design coating Microverlay</strong> • These coatings are <strong>very adhesive</strong>, they can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, kitchen lockers, bars, showers etc. • The Microverlay floors are just beautiful. You can <strong>choose from many colors and effects</strong> achieved by using different application techniques, colours or reactive dyes. • They are highly practical, <strong>easy to clean</strong> and maintain. • They are <strong>water- and fire resistant</strong>, you can apply them in kitchens, bathrooms or showers. • Microverlay screeds are perfectly resistant to abrasion and climatic stress, they can be installed in <strong>interiors and exteriors</strong>. • Microverlay flooring can by applied <strong>with floor heating</strong>. <strong>Where are the Microverlay screeds suitable?</strong> Microverlay is perfect for continuous surface, which is natural and innovative, able to make any environment unique. This coating is ideal in a <strong>modern and minimal environment</strong> but at the same time it can enrich a classic or rustic house. In only three millimetres of thickness, with Microverlay it is possible to <strong>renew existing surfaces</strong> (concrete, self-leveling, ceramics, wood, etc.) without removing them. Because of its monolithic structure Microverlay is ideal for those who do not like joints. Its unique features make it adaptable for internal or external applications and both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as plaster boards or masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms, showers… Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:00:00 GTMart105Contract carpets for project prizes new collection of contract carpets The Graphic Tile is characterized by not only modern design and high resistance (load class 33 indicates the possibility of using in highly frequented commercial areas) but also a very pleasant price / performance ratio. In addition, we offer <strong>special project prizes for larger projects</strong>. There are <strong>8 different qualities</strong> (Ambition, Emotion, Essential, Evolution, Imagination, Marble, Unique and Vapour), each available in several color variations (two to nine). <strong>Properties of The Graphic Tile contract carpet</strong> • Material is high quality polyamide yarn 100% PA • Size of tiles 50 x 50 cm • Pile structure - loop pile • Heavy commercial 33 classification for use - suitable into traffic areas (commercial and residential) • Possibility to provide the carpet with a Silent Bac secondary backing (over 400 m2) <strong>Using of The Graphic Tile contract carpets</strong> These contract carpets are thanks to the high durability suitabel <strong>for all residential and commercial areas</strong> – hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, showrooms and others. <strong>Samples at our showroom</strong> To find out more information about this product visit our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, where you can see and touch samples of all the carpets. Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:00:00 GTMart104Ftinice rugs from woven vinyl vinyl is undoubtedly a <strong>modern floor covering </strong>that combines high vinyl resistance and traditional look of woven carpet. Various colors and designs are available, vinyl comes in different formats (rolls, squares, planks, diamonds, triangles and more). If you are looking for a smaller rug <strong>for the interior or exterior</strong>, the woven vinyl can also solve your wish. Fitnice rugs are available either <strong>in standard shapes and sizes</strong>, or can be produced <strong>individually according to the customer's wishes</strong>. There are two shapes - a circle and a rectangle, in the following dimensions (circle diameter 140 and 180 cm, rectangle dimensions 60 x 120, 180 x 120, 170 x 240, 200 x 300 and 194 x 300 cm). You can choose from <strong>several types of borders</strong> or other edge finishes. <strong>The benefits of woven vinyl Fitnice rugs are:</strong> • High resistance • Original look • Natural anti-slip • Easy maintenance In our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, you can see all the samples of woven vinyl suitable for rugs of your choice. Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:00:00 GTMart103New designs of luxury JoV carpets company<a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href=""> JoV</a> is our supplier of luxury rugs made of the highest quality natural materials. In their collection you will find only <strong>handmade pieces with an emphasis on detail and quality of design</strong>. Each carpet is a unique original, which brings a specific touch to the interior, finely shaping it or defining it. With JoV rugs you have a wide range of choices – you can choose fabric (wool, silk, linen, mohair, cotton), color and design. The same stands for dimensions - at the customer's request <strong>it is possible to produce almost any shape and size</strong>. Available JoV designs are of course limited, but the offer is changing over time. Examples include the<strong> Tridon</strong> design (triangles with a different surface structure), <strong>Bricks</strong> (bricks assembled into strips), <strong>Trace</strong> (sloping stripes of different thickness), <strong>Boules </strong>(narrow strips and dots),<strong> Blur</strong> (gentle stylized diamonds). Special designs from renowned designers are also available - for example, The Hidden Stockholm carpets from the design studio Form Us With Love are made in Portugal from the best New Zealand wool. Or the Geometry Collection by Belgian designer Ben Beirens, who works with a simple motif of stripes and revives them using a diagonal perspective, working with layers and colors. Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:00:00 GTMart101Fitnice woven vinyl certified for the marine use Spanish supplier of <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Fitnice woven viny</a>l,<a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href=""> Vertisol</a>, has developed an entirely new collection of the Fitnice Floor series, which is optimally adapted for marine use. Fitnice IMO (Marine) woven vinyl is made of 75% PVC + 25% polyester and backing is 100% PVC. It meets all the highest standards set by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) certification, especially in the field of non-flammability. The resulting product is therefore <strong>suitable for use in the nautical industry</strong> - yachts, ferries, cruise ships, but also oil rigs. <strong>Properties of the Fitnice IMO woven vinyl:</strong> • Total height is 2.25 mm. • Impact sound insulation up to 13 dB. • Available in 8 colors. • It comes in tiles (50 x 50 cm), or planks. • Suitable for exterior and interior. • Resistant to saline corrosion. • Phtalate- and antimony- free. • Meets the highest fire protection requirements (IMO certified). Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:00:00 GTMart100When dealing with sound insulation - acoustic rubber floors new product from our Italian supplier of the <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Artigo</a> rubber flooring captures everyone who needs to solve the sound insulation. The entire Plansystem collection (seven products: <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Lava</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Kayar</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Grain</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Granito</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Natura</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Nd/Uni</a> and <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Screed</a>) is available also in special X-Elastic version with acoustic backing. This will decrease acoustic noise up to 21 dB. This type of flooring is mostly used in commercial areas with increased silence requirements, such as <strong>hospitals, libraries or even some office spaces</strong>. The Artigo X-Elastic acoustic rubber floors also have the advantage that the same design exists in a normal version without an acoustic backing, so it is possible to combine them throughout the installation. The type without acoustic backing has a thickness of 2-3 mm, while the X-Elastic version has 4 or 5 mm. As the Plansystem collection has seven floor types, each of which offers a custom color palette, <strong>it's exactly 126 different options</strong> for how your new rubber floor with acoustic benefits can look. Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:00:00 GTMart99Lixio - polished floors with a luxurious look<strong>The tradition of Italian terrazzo in a modern concept</strong> - this is Lixio floor. Highly decorative surfaces modify classic terrazzo to fit today's demands so that it can be used in private homes and residences as well as in hotels, restaurants or museums. Lixio floors are made of cement, polymer and high quality marble aggregates: these components can be of different colors, so the number of resulting combinations is quite high. Additionally, it is possible to choose from several types of surfaces depending on where the floor is installed - the exterior surface can be coarser, the interior surface can be completely smooth with high gloss. <strong>Benefits of the Lixio floor:</strong> • It can be used both for interior and exterior, it is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions. • It is extremely resistant to abrasion and requires minimal maintenance. • Low thickness – Lixio can be applied from 5-6 mm thickness. • There are many various color combinations available. • Various types of the final finish – from coarser to smooth. <strong>Where does Lixio floor fit?</strong> Thanks to its high resistance, Lixio floors can be applied to both indoor and outdoor areas. With a wide range of shades, they blend well with different styles - from historic and traditional interiors to modern design. Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:00:00 GTMart98Expona Commercial – unlimited possibilities for your floor offer of vinyl flooring on our market is huge and it is not easy to choose the right one. Not all PVC floorings <strong>meet important standards</strong>, they can vary in individual parameters and offer completely different properties. BOCA relies on the German <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">supplier Objectflor</a>, which supplies vinyl flooring in rolls and tiles in many designs and colors. <strong>Why choose a vinyl floor</strong> The Expona Commercial vinyl flooring, which focuses on vinyl flooring in tiles and planks, has 80 designs available. The reasons why these floors are the top quality are for instance: • Vinyl floor is <strong>easy to maintain</strong>, just sweep it up and clean it. • It has a <strong>high resistance</strong>, it is divided into several classifications depending on the area the floor is suitable for (residential, commercial or industrial). • It is relatively <strong>easy to replace one particular piece</strong> if necessary and you dont have to disassemble the entire floor. • Expona vinyl flooring is <strong>softer and more flexible</strong> than a laminate, providing greater comfort. • Vinyl flooring <strong>dampens impact noise</strong>, has excellent acoustic properties. • The bonus is also the fact that these floors are <strong>anti-allergenic and antibacterial</strong>, plus they are 100% recyclable. <strong>Expona vinyl floors application</strong> Expona Commercial <strong>fits practically into any space</strong> - it is well-suited for common living spaces (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens), but also in offices, restaurants, shops, schools, libraries and other commercial spaces. <strong>All Expona Commercial samples</strong> We would like to invite you to <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom</a> in Prague, Flora, where you can view and feel <strong>all Expona vinyl flooring</strong> in 80 available designs. Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:00:00 GTMart97Advantages of woolen carpets from Creatuft and Best Wool Carpets as a material for the manufacturing of carpets is a classic choice, woolen carpets were made already in the years before Christ. <strong>The oldest carpet in the world</strong>, the so-called Pazyryk, is also from wool – it was found frozen in ice in the tomb of the Skythy Chief in Siberian Altai and its age is estimated to be 2500 years. <strong>Carpets from our range are mostly made from New Zealand wool</strong>, which is the highest quality, and from two manufacturers – <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Creatuft</a> and <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Best Wool Carpets</a>. They can be tufted, woven, wilton or in tiles. Some are suitable for homes, others have a higher load class, and can be used in offices, hotels or other commercial areas. Wool is <strong>not especially delicate material</strong>, woolen carpets just need to be vacuumed regularly and in the case of spills use a dry white cloth to suck out the fluid. <strong>The valuable features of wool carpets are:</strong> • Long <strong>life</strong> • Good <strong>insulation</strong> properties • High walking <strong>comfort</strong> • <strong>Color fastness</strong> of fibers • <strong>Shape memory</strong> - the fibers will return back to their original shape after compression • It's <strong>natural</strong> materiál • Wool carpets are <strong>hypoallergenic</strong> • Wool is <strong>fire-retardant</strong> We will be glad to welcome you to <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our BOCA showroom</a>, show you <strong>samples of wool carpets and rugs</strong> from our assortment and help you choose. Tue, 30 May 2000 22:00:00 GTMart96Contract carpet tiles Burmatex - colorful floors<a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Burmatex</a> is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of the <strong>contract carpet tiles and planks</strong>. It has been operating since 1917 and over time has specialized in this product range that we have included in our offer. <strong>Properties of the Burmatex carpet tiles and planks:</strong> • <strong>high resistance</strong> (load classification 33, high load in commercial areas) •<strong> easy maintenance</strong> or replacement of individual tiles • available<strong> in tiles</strong> (50 x 50 cm), some in planks • surface <strong>mostly loop</strong>, somewhere multi-level (creating a relief) or even cut hair • predominant shades of gray plus distinctive contrasting colors (blue, green, red orange, yellow ...) • monochrome, with melange and stripe • individual <strong>tiles can be combined</strong> to create zones or various patterns The use of Burmatex carpets is mainly for the <strong>offices and other commercial areas – schools and training centers, libraries, hotels</strong> and more. Due to easy maintenance and high durability, these carpets fit into residential properties that are rented and where replacement is expected to be more frequent. Sat, 29 Apr 2000 22:00:00 GTMart95Mardegan - mosaic wooden floors Italian manufacturer of <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">wood flooring Mardegan</a> offers many options for the wooden floor. It is not just a 2-layer or 3-layer version, different materials of the tread layer, paint, surface finish, etc. Mardegan has several options in the assortment to make the individual wooden shapes on the floor - <strong>from classic planks next to each other to fascinating patterns</strong> such as Casablanca. <strong>Six types of mosaic wooden floors:</strong> • <strong>Boards:</strong> Traditional planks in the most fashionable concept - planks simply placed one next to each other or one after the other. On one floor it is possible to combine planks with different lenght and width, for a more interesting effect. • <strong>Herringbone:</strong> The design, which can be composed in a classical or modern way. Every time, however, it is a perfect complement to modern interiors. • <strong>Teorema:</strong> Unusual geometric lines create an interesting mosaic on the floor with a unique look. Each piece of this jigsaw puzzle is created by hand and with respect to natural material. • <strong>Quadrotte:</strong> Mosaic inspired by the charm of Italian palaces and aristocratic residences. It is basically a square base with different shapes inside. The composition may vary according to the the customer wish. • <strong>Casablanca:</strong> A sophisticated mosaic with a sleek design that leaves a distinct wood structure. The most striking feature are the intersecting lines. • <strong>Damasco:</strong> Hexagonal shapes in different colors create an interesting combination that looks good both on the floor and on the wall. From these options you can freely choose and eventually <strong>create on your own design</strong> for a unique wooden floor. In our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, we are happy to introduce you all Mardegan materials and help you with the selection. Thu, 30 Mar 2000 22:00:00 GTMart94Bathroom - screed instead of paving at least once in a lifetime you have cleansed the joints between the tiles in the bathroom, you know how tedious work it is. Moreover, it is more than certain that it was not the last time - the joints will get dirty again and will need to be cleaned again. <strong>The solution is a cement screed</strong>. <strong>The same material on floor and wall</strong> BOCA offers a unique <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">cement coating Microtopping</a> that can be applied to the <strong>floor, wall, stairs, and other surfaces</strong>. The only condition is that the area is smooth and firm. Even round shapes do not matter - thanks to the polymer, the screed is slightly elastic and very sticky. It is possible, for example, to cover the <strong>seat in the shower, sink, bathtub, cabinet</strong> or other objects. The interior can thus be completely joint-free. The cement screed has also no problem with floor heating. <strong>Colors on request</strong> You can have the Microtopping design screed <strong>in 24 basic colors</strong>, which can be mixed in different strengths. These colors can also be combined with each other and, last but not least, reactive dyes with which the surface can be colored. <strong>Handmade</strong> Not only the coloring, but also the application of the screed is mainly hand-made, the resultant floor is thus always unique and unrepeatable work. <strong>Properties of the Microtopping cement screed:</strong> • <strong>Mild elasticity</strong> – it is a mixture of specially cured cement and polymers. • <strong>Waterproof</strong> - it can also be used for example in shower or around the pools. • <strong>Practicality </strong>- Microtopping screeds are easy to maintain and require no special maintenance • <strong>Color options</strong> - they are almost unlimited, depending on the customer's wishes. • <strong>Thin layer of application</strong> - just 2-3 mm thick and any smooth and solid surface can be coated with a screed. • <strong>High durability</strong> - They are resistant to abrasion and weathering and UV radiation. • Can be applied both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>. Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:00:00 GTMart93Beautiful woven carpets and rugs BOMAT domain of the <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Belgian company Bomat</a> is the manufacture of <strong>luxury carpets and rugs with a high proportion of handmade work</strong>. Its manufacturing plants in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh benefit primarily from the fact that experience with textile production is still deeply rooted in this region and passed on from generation to generation. Also, the materials used for weaving carpets are mostly traditional -<strong> wool, silk, leather, bamboo yarn</strong> and more. In the Belgian headquarters, ideas for new designs are being developed, fiber composition and the use of different weaving techniques are tested. For this purpose, the department of development has a miniature versions of real weaving looms from Indian factories. All manufactured carpets are tested for sales in the European Union. <strong>Hand-made Bomat carpets</strong> Whether you like tightened loops of Argentinean wool, or you prefer a wrinkled structure of cut silk fibers with longer hair, in Bomat you should always have a choice. Likewise, if you are looking for a carpet in a gray tones or on the other hand cheerfully laced with several distinctive colors... <strong>nothing is impossible. The offer is really wide.</strong> Rugs have a fixed size (width x length), or can be custom-made to meet the specific customer's requirements. <strong>BOCA showroom</strong> Come and see us in the <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, we will be happy to <strong>show you all samples of Bomat carpets</strong> and help you with the choice. Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:00:00 GTMart92Sandwich system of floor underlays preparation of the surface under the floor covering is a crucial moment in the works preceding the installation of the floor itself. The substrate is rarely ideal - without any<strong> unevenness, cracks, or other imperfections that need to be repaired or compensated</strong>. In most cases, the classic leveling helps - by spilling the smoothing compound, the surface becomes uniform and suitable for the subsequent installation of the floor covering. However, there are exceptions where the leveling can not be applied - for example on double floors or where the original floor should be retained. The traditional MDF boards are functional but rather tedious. The foils must be laid first and then several layers of boards (mostly two). <strong>A more efficient method is using of the Floorfixx sandwich system</strong> - it is made up of two layers of MDF boards, bottom with a base (XPS foam or perforated polyethylene according to the type of underlay). Everything is in one piece, there is no need to lay each layer separately, which greatly speeds up installation - this is <strong>the most effective solution</strong> on the market today. <strong>Advantages of Floorfixx floor underlays:</strong> • They work where classical <strong>leveling is not possible</strong> (for example for double floors). • Installation is very <strong>fast and easy</strong>, no need to lay each layer separately. • The Floorfixx sandwich system meets the load classes 31-34 (according to the type), therefore it is also suitable for <strong>heavily loaded industrial areas</strong>. • Due to several layers it has <strong>good sound and thermal insulation properties</strong>. <strong>Video with the installation of Floorfixx system you can see <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">HERE</a> or <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">HERE</a></strong> (various types of underlays). Floorfixx underlays are available in several versions - with a <strong>thickness of 8 to 10 mm</strong>, with a different bottom layer (foam or polyethylene). To find out more about the Floorfixx sandwich system, call <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a> and arrange a meeting with our specialist who will explain everything. Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:00:00 GTMart91Unique carpet tiles Fletco LockTiles <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">company Fletco</a> is known for its innovative approach to expanding its range. Approximately a year ago, the unique <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">ZigZag tiles</a> came with carpet squares that have two jagged edges - these individual parts fit perfectly together and make it possible to lay the floor in one direction. This year's novelty presented at several international trade fairs is <strong>LockTiles - a patented innovative solution in the floor coverings</strong>, which is unique in the current market. LockTiles have <strong>specially shaped laser cut edges</strong> that always fit in and the tiles can be laid in any direction. The result is a homogeneous surface in which the individual joints are not visible. The LockTiles squares combine all the <strong>benefits of carpet tiles and the appearance of broadloom</strong>. <strong>The advantages of the LockTiles:</strong> • The tiles interlock and <strong>fit perfectly together</strong>. • The tiles can be installed <strong>in any direction</strong>. • The LockTiles ensure an effective and <strong>perfect installation</strong>. • With these tiles an effect of a broadloom is obtained with <strong>minimal visible joints</strong>. • Single tiles can <strong>easily be replaced</strong>. The LockTiles are available in the size 50 x 50 cm and can be delivered in the following collections: <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Nordic</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Classic Weave</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">COM1000</a> and <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Space</a>. Shortly after being launched, LockTiles carpets were awarded as the winner in the category of <strong>innovative interior products</strong> at the Architect@Work Munich Fair. Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:00:00 GTMart90New shapes of Fitnice woven vinyl Spanish company <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Vertisol</a>, which supplies us with <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Fitnice woven vinyl</a>, has now expanded its portfolio of available shapes. In addition to classical roles and squares, planks and diamonds, there are now three other shapes - <strong>hexagons and two triangles, equilateral and isosceles</strong>. The exact dimensions of the new shapes are shown in the first image in the gallery bellow. The already big enough design possibilities of this material are further expanding - with a total of six different shapes (except for rolls), <strong>almost anything you can do</strong> on the floor. <strong>Some benefits of Fitnice woven vinyl:</strong> • Woven vinyl is a highly <strong>durable material</strong>. • Design options for Fitnice are really wide - with six different shapes and a variety of colors and surface types, <strong>many patterns</strong> can be created on the floor. • <strong>Walking comfort is higher</strong> for woven vinyl than normal hard flooring, with softer walking, feels warmer for barefoot also. • The surface of Fitnice woven vinyl has a diverse structure, it is not smooth and therefore acts as a <strong>natural anti-slip</strong>. • Woven vinyl is a versatile flooring material - fits into flats, offices, shops and other commercial areas, both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>. You can see ale <strong>the samples of Fitnice woven vinyl</strong> for floor and walls in <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom</a>, we will show you everything and help you with your choice. Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:00:00 GTMart89New collection of the ecological design carpets new generation of carpets from our exclusive German supplier <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Object Carpet</a> is <strong>very ecological</strong> - not just carpet material (100% recyclable polyamide fiber free from bitumen, latex or PVC) but also the production process itself. Last but not least, the names of individual carpets - dune, canyon, cliff, ocean and other poetic names - are also <strong>inspired by the nature</strong>. The <strong>collection features eight qualities</strong>, each in six different colors. The polyamide from which the carpets are made is a <strong>highly durable</strong> material, which guarantees a <strong>long life</strong> for the carpet. All eight types of carpets are available in rolls of 400 cm width and tiles 50 x 50 cm. <strong>Features of the new collection of Places of Origin carpets:</strong> • <strong>Eight different qualities</strong>, each in six colors. • Made of <strong>highly resistant polyamide fiber</strong> Econyl, 100% recyclable. • Available in <strong>rolls and squares</strong>, total thickness 5.5 mm. • Carpets do <strong>not contain bitumen, latex or PVC</strong>. • Carpets are also suitable <strong>for allergy sufferers</strong>, they have the appropriate TUV certificate. • <strong>High resistence</strong>, load class 33 (high load in commercial areas). <strong>Where do Places of Origin carpets fit?</strong> In addition to common living spaces such as living and children's rooms, bedrooms, corridors and others, these carpets can also be placed in commercial areas where high traffic is expected - for example, in hotels, offices, restaurants, showrooms, etc. <strong>With your own eyes</strong> We are glad to welcome you to our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, where you can see samples of all the offered carpets on your own eyes. Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:00:00 GTMart88Trends in contract carpets Some time ago only monochromatic carpets in dark colors were installed in all the commercial areas, the current trend is heading in a completely different direction. We are talking about <strong>various colors and shapes, combined on the floor</strong> and creating varied patterns. <strong>Imaginative carpet design</strong> Perhaps the most striking representative of the new wave is <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Freestile collection</a>, from German manufacturer <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Object Carpet</a>. Carpet tiles, which <strong>can be installed in different ways</strong> and always create a harmonious design, are unique in many ways. 16 designs, each in 4 colors, is inspired by the world's metropolis, and with its spatial effect it looks very imaginative. The Freestile flooring is highly durable, non-slip and has good acoustic properties. <strong>The triangle is a new square</strong> Do you want something more progressive than the classic roles or squares in your commercial space? There is no problem - for example, the Danish <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">company Fletco</a> makes carpet tiles in different shapes. <strong>Triangles, hexagons, parallels, trapezoids and more</strong> ... everything is possible. This, of course, offers a wide range of floor layouts, shapes and colors. Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:00:00 GTMart87Polyscreen - upholstery fabric for the outdoor furniture vinyl is a very remarkable material - apart from floor installation (Fitnice collection with a variety of formats and colors) and wall installation (Fitnice Wall as vinyl wallpaper in rolls) there is a woven vinyl Polyscreen as a furniture upholstery. Due to the absence of backing, this material is thin and flexible and easily adaptable to the desired shape - it is often used to produce shading blinds or bordering of the rugs. <strong>Properties of the Polyscreen woven vinyl: </strong> • <strong>Durability:</strong> Woven vinyl is very durable material suitable for interior and exterior. • <strong>Washability:</strong> It is non-absorbent, easy to maintain. • <strong>Fresh design:</strong> Woven material has an interesting look. • <strong>Variety of structures and colors:</strong> Thanks to a large number of colors and surface structures, it can be matched to almost any interior - both modern and classical. <strong> Use of upholstery vinyl: </strong> • Upholstery of office or apartment <strong> chairs and armchairs </strong> • Upholstery of <strong> garden furniture </strong> • Upholstery of <strong> sunbeds and pool seats </strong> Polyscreen vinyl fabric is available in rolls of various lenghts and widths, depending on the type. Available color range is from white and light gray through earthy tones to dark purple and red. To see the Polyscreen woven fabrics with your own eyes, visit <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href=""> our showroom </a> where we have not only office furniture covered with this material but also samples of all the collections in all colors. Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:00:00 GTMart84Modern woven vinyl floors<a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Fitnice</a> woven vinyl is a <strong>modern floor covering</strong> made up of a woven polyester filament coated with PVC. You can say that it combines high resistance of vinyl and traditional aesthetics of woven carpets. The Spanish company <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Vertisol</a> has more than 30 years of experience with the production of woven vinyl and they also produce other types of woven vinyl – for wall installation, upholstery and shading vinyl or vinyl suitable for acoustic panels. Our company is <strong>exclusive distributor</strong> of Fitnice woven vinyl for Czech republic. As a floor covering, woven vinyl has several <strong>useful properties</strong>: • <strong>Resistance</strong> - Woven vinyl floors are highly resistant to abrasion and wear. • <strong>Easy maintenance</strong> - The non-absorbent surface is sufficient to vacuum regularly. • <strong>Thermal conductivity</strong> - Woven vinyl can be installed in combination with floor heating. • <strong>Original design</strong> - the unusual design can be well used in designing various types of interiors. • <strong>Various formats and colors</strong> - Fitnice come in rolls, squares, planks or diamond-shaped pieces, combining different colors and shapes to create very unusual combinations. • <strong>Slip resistance</strong> - The structured surface is naturally non-slip. • <strong>Acoustic insulation</strong> - Woven vinyl flooring can absorb impact and surround noise. <strong>Where does the woven vinyl floor fit?</strong> Thanks to the high resistance can be installed almost anywhere. <strong>Residential and office spaces</strong> are absolutely no problem, thanks to some flexibility, the material can even return to its original form after compression. Fitnice woven vinyl does not matter neither rain nor sun, so it can also be used <strong>in outdoor areas</strong>. There are 4 collections od Fitnice woven vinyl for the flooring: <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Chroma</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Panama</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Wicker</a> and <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Memphis</a> (a new one). Come to our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">showroom</a> to <strong>see all the samples</strong>, we are ready to help you with your choice. Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:00:00 GTMart83