BOCA Group, a.s.

The company was founded in 1991 as a Czech company. This arrangement takes no change yet. From the beginning, we specialize in floor coverings.

In the field of high quality floor coverings we are one of the leaders on czech market. Our solid market position, we have gained gradually, is based not only on the amount of realizations (many of them were very specific and original), but especially on the serious approach to our business partners and customers. We don´t overpriced high quality products we offer, on the other hand we don´t offer unreal discounts. We work with quality materials at appropriate prices. Our goal is a long-term cooperation and realitionship with customers and suppliers based on the reliability and adequacy.

In 2011 we have made several important changes: we have enlarged a collection of floor coverings and related products (edgings, floor mats, protective foils...) and especially our Services. Far more we focus on atypical processing of individual orders and the subsequent service provided to our customers within complete orders.

Exceptionally - based on long-term experience - there were made changes in cooperation with few suppliers.

It is now more than 20 years we are on the floor coverings market - which is one of the main reasons not only for balance and a certain satisfaction, but also it is a big commitment to the future, commitment to all our past and future business partners: architectural studios, consultants, developers and construction companies or least but not last individual investors and customers.


ZigZag carpet tilesZigZag carpet tiles

ZigZag carpet tiles

ZigZag carpet tiles by Fletco have unique shape. Compared to classic carpet tiles they have special ZigZag shape developed to create ef..

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