New designs of luxury JoV carpets

Luxury hand-made rugs JoV, BOCA Group Praha supplier.

Belgian company JoV is our supplier of luxury rugs made of the highest quality natural materials. In their collection you will find only handmade pieces with an emphasis on detail and quality of design. Each carpet is a unique original, which brings a specific touch to the interior, finely shaping it or defining it.

With JoV rugs you have a wide range of choices – you can choose fabric (wool, silk, linen, mohair, cotton), color and design. The same stands for dimensions - at the customer's request it is possible to produce almost any shape and size.

Available JoV designs are of course limited, but the offer is changing over time. Examples include the Tridon design (triangles with a different surface structure), Bricks (bricks assembled into strips), Trace (sloping stripes of different thickness), Boules (narrow strips and dots), Blur (gentle stylized diamonds). Special designs from renowned designers are also available - for example, The Hidden Stockholm carpets from the design studio Form Us With Love are made in Portugal from the best New Zealand wool. Or the Geometry Collection by Belgian designer Ben Beirens, who works with a simple motif of stripes and revives them using a diagonal perspective, working with layers and colors.


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