Microverlay – design coating for floors and walls

Microverlay cement coating for floors and walls, various effects, BOCA Group Praha supplier.

With Microverlay cement coating from our Italian supplier Isoplam you can get exactly the paving you desire: fully customisable in colours and effects; easy and quick to install, even on existing surfaces. It is great for floors, walls, stairs and other solid surfaces (kitchen cabinets, bar counters etc.), in the interior or exterior.

Properties of the design coating Microverlay

• These coatings are very adhesive, they can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, kitchen lockers, bars, showers etc.

• The Microverlay floors are just beautiful. You can choose from many colors and effects achieved by using different application techniques, colours or reactive dyes.

• They are highly practical, easy to clean and maintain.

• They are water- and fire resistant, you can apply them in kitchens, bathrooms or showers.

• Microverlay screeds are perfectly resistant to abrasion and climatic stress, they can be installed in interiors and exteriors.

• Microverlay flooring can by applied with floor heating.

Where are the Microverlay screeds suitable?

Microverlay is perfect for continuous surface, which is natural and innovative, able to make any environment unique. This coating is ideal in a modern and minimal environment but at the same time it can enrich a classic or rustic house.

In only three millimetres of thickness, with Microverlay it is possible to renew existing surfaces (concrete, self-leveling, ceramics, wood, etc.) without removing them.

Because of its monolithic structure Microverlay is ideal for those who do not like joints. Its unique features make it adaptable for internal or external applications and both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as plaster boards or masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms, showers…


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