Skyconcrete – the new generation of cement coating

Skyconcrete cement coating for the floor, BOCA Group Praha supplier.

New product in our offer - Skyconcrete cement coating is from our Italian supplier Isoplam, which has been specializing in the production of decorative surface products since 1979. This new generation of floor coatings is applied in thin 4-5 mm layers, which is also suitable for renovation of existing floors. It has very wide possibilities of coloring and different types of surfaces (smooth, rough).

Features of Skyconcrete floor:

• Application in only 4-5 mm

• High durability and long life

• Various surface finishes - can be smooth or rough

• 35 color options plus the possibility of coloring with Plam Acid

• Skyconcrete floors are waterproof and abrasion resistant

• Existing surfaces such as tiles, marble or old concrete floors can also be renovated with Skyconcrete

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

• The Skyconcrete cement screed floor is easy to clean and maintain

Where can Skyconcrete screeds be installed?

Due to its high durability and long service life, the Skyconcrete floor is suitable not only for residential (dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms) and commercial (offices, shops, showrooms, restaurants, hotels) indoor areas, but also for outdoor areas (terraces, pools, etc.).


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