Expona Click 19dB - waterproof floor with acoustic benefits

Expona Click 19dB vinyl flooring - waterproof floor with acoustic benefits

Vinyl flooring Expona Click 19dB is a floor covering with a special acoustic layer that provides sound reduction of up to 19 dB. It is a floor that is installed with a so-called locking (or click-in) system, in this case specifically a patented 5G-i system, which ensures very fast and easy installation. In addition, it is also suitable for areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, thanks to its water resistance.

Expona Click 19dB vinyl flooring features:

• Contains a layer of acoustic insulation foam that reduces impact sound by 19 dB.

• The Expona Click 19dB is waterproof - it does not swell when in contact with water and is therefore also suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.

• Uses a patented 5G-i locking system - simple and quick installation, the floor is ready to walk.

• This flooring is perfect for renewing existing surfaces - with a click-in system, it can easily be installed on a tile or other surface that may not have been removed before.

• Under this type of floor, classic pads or vapor-permeable foils are crafted.

• The wear layer is 0.55 mm, load class 23 and 34, suitable for residential and commercial use.

• 6.5 mm installation height

• It consists of several layers that are thermally compressed into one unit, it is a heterogeneous floor covering.

• 12 wood designs

• PUR coating ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.

• Does not contain phthalates or other harmful substances.


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