Expona SimpLay – vinyl flooring without glueing

Expona SimpLay - vinyl flooring without glueing, BOCA Group Praha supplier.

Vinyl flooring Expona Simplay from our german supplier Objectflor is a new combination if vinyl and carpet planks. Apart from classic planks and tiles in 40 diverse designs are in the Expona Simplay collection also 6 types of carpet planks and 4 types of planks with a cleaning zone.

A highly valued property is its easy (and fast) installation without glueing and with the possibility of moving the floor to a different place. Vinyl planks and tiles with a special backing adhere to the foundation (or with only the use of fixation) and is not necessary to be glued or clicked one into anoother.

Properties of the vinyl flooring Expona SimpLay 19 dB:

• 40 various designs of wood and stone

• 6 types of carpets and 4 types of cleaning zone

• Fast and easy installation

• Option of an easy replacement of a damaged tile or a replacement of the floor to a different place

• Foundation remains undamaged

• Resistant wear layer of 0,7 mm thickness

• Wearability classes 23, 34 and 43 – the floor is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Come to check out samples of all possible designs of the Expona Simplay 19 dB floor in our showroom on Prague's Flora.


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