Expona SimpLay 19dB accoustic floor

Expona SimpLay 19dB accoustic floor , BOCA Group Praha supplier

The new generation of SimpLay vinyl flooring without adhesive bonding, from our German supplier Objectflor, is called Expona SimpLay 19dB and it is an acoustic variant to the classic SimpLay vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring Expona SimpLay 19dB is a floor covering with a special acoustic layer made of 1 mm thick IXPE foam, which ensures impact sound absorption up to 19 dB. Thanks to the quick and easy installation system without the need of glueing, the floor is suitable for the renovation of areas that do not allow major construction work or where the floor is to be relocated elsewhere.

Thanks to the high load classification (23, 33, 42), this floor can be installed even in very frequented places with a high level of use, only in case of extreme load it is recommended to use at least fixation.

Expona SimpLay 19dB acoustic flooring features:

• 12 wood and stone designs

• Contains a layer of acoustic insulation IXPE foam that reduces impact sound by 19 dB.

• The wear layer is 0.55 mm, load classification 23, 33, 42 suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use.

• Installation height 5 mm

• It consists of several layers that are thermally compressed into one unit, it is a heterogeneous floor covering.

• It is suitbale for installation with floor heating.

• PUR coating ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.

• Does not contain phthalates or other harmful substances, complies with the relevant European certificates.


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