Rubber flooring Artigo in our product range

Rubber flooring Artigo

We are happy to introduce you our new product - italien rubber flooring Artigo. Artigo flooring stands out by its simple beauty, nice colors and excellent utility properties:

• They are is soft and flexible.

• They reduce noise up to 10 dB.

• They have a highest performance classification, they are water resistant.

• They are ecological, dont contain phthalates, formaldehyde, or halogens.

In our product range you will find all six categories of rubber flooring, as it is presented in Artigo catalog:

Plansystem - smooth rubber flooring with different patterns and beautiful colors.

Studsystem - embossed rubber flooring, which include the classic "studded" floor Bs.

Special rubber flooring with antistatic and conductive properties. These floors are an excellent choice to specialized centers where these properties are a necessary condition.

Industrial rubber flooring with embossed surface, which are - as the name suggests - suitable especially for industrial objects.

Stairs rubber - specially designed rubber for easy installation on stairs and stairways.

• The last category includes necessary accessories for rubber flooring such as: profiles, stair profiles, cove formers, skirtings and hot sealing.

In the product details you can learn more about three types of Artigo coating system: PRO - will save most of the future maintenance costs; TXL treatment, which reduces the overall maintenance costs a little less, and Standard coating.


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