Luxury hand made JoV carpets

luxury hand made residential rug

We are pleased to introduce you our new exclusive supplier Belgian family company JoV. First we met JoV at Biennale Interieur, Belgium, we were amazed by JoV designs, quality and materials. One would say that JoV and Boca appreciate same values - quality of products and services and helpful behavior. That’s why it’s our pleasure to represent JoV in the Czech Republic.

JoV Company

JoV is manufacturer of custom designed, hand made carpets and area rugs made of finest natural materials. Their unique qualities and attention to details give each rug its strong, pure, beautiful heart and highest quality.

JoV products

All JoV products are made of finest natural materials, such as New Zealand wool, silk, mohair, linen or cotton. At JoV they pay special attention to details, that’s why all JoV products are hand made, hand-woven, hand-tufted, hand-knitted etc.

Collection of JoV products contains more than 20 products (qualities). Those well-done rugs are carefully designed by JoV designers to reflect your needs and wants. It is your turn to choose product (quality), pile height a one of the basic colors. If you cannot find your favorite color, JoV offer individual color solution, where you can choose from wide range of colors and mix it together. Size and shape of JoV rugs are always custom made.

Unique chance to design your own rug

JoV offer more than just complete collection of rugs. It is fully custom designed and made rug - you can design your personal rug on your own. You can choose your perfect match in material, color, design, shape or combine qualities from JoV collection. Number of kinds and color variations of JoV rugs is almost endless. It is a joyful process for creative people who want to express their personality.

Samples and color palettes at our showroom

Choosing your right color and quality is delighted process where even the smallest detail counts. Thats why all color palettes and rug samples are available for you to see and touch at our showroom. Please fell free to visit us.


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