Vinyl fabric Fitnice Wall

woven vinyl fitnice wall

We introduce you our completely new product - vinyl wall covering Fitnice Wall. It is a woven vinyl fabric for wall covering from our exklusive spanish supplier Vertisol. Its backing is 100% PES and wear layer consists of flat woven polyesther fibres coated in vinyl. The manufacturer offers three product lines: Time in Town, Like Home a PS 597, which are different in structure and color. There are 28 colour variants, both expressive and decent. This covering is completely unusual visually, which can be empowered even further by combining the colours and formating the material into whichever shape you desire. These wall coverings from woven vinyl are modern, practical and greatly complement each other with the rest of Vertisol products. Those are woven vinyl Fitnice Floor and versatile fabric Polyscreen. All of these three products can be seen in our showroom.


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