Linen rugs with European origin

Linen rugs Secrets of Linen

Linen rugs with European origin

Let us introduce you unique products in our assortment, Belgian hand made rugs Secrets of Linen. At their production there is a hidden story about tiny blue plant called linen. It is planted and manufactured under patronage “Masters of Linen” community. We would like to tell you this story.

Masters of Linen

First you need to know who “Masters of Linen” are. It is community supporting return to local materials, a trend of last years. It is gathering European linen producers, spinners, weavers and knitters of European linen. “Masters of Linen” is also a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.

From field to the rug

Whole story begins between March and April at Belgian, Dutch and French fields where seeds are planted. It takes 100 days to grow and reach 1 meter when it flowers in June. Though the Linen flower only lives a few hours. But all flowers in a field do not bloom on the same day. This is what gives the landscape a delicate blueish color for a few weeks.

On July it is time of harvesting. Linen is not reaped, it is pulled up. The plants are then placed in swaths of cloth which give the field a graphic beauty. Mother Nature takes over first phase of transforming the plant into fiber. Sun, dew and rain help detach the fibrous skin from the central wood, then comes the time for gathering.

Second phase of mechanical transforming the plant into fibers takes place in mills. Scutching, a specialized mechanical process, includes shelling, stretching, grinding and treshing is necessary to separate linen fibers from plants. A fragrances of cut grass and warm bread float in the air. Fibers are then combed into soft, lustrous ribbons like blond hair. Finally fibers are spinned into yarns.

Hand made rugs

All Secrets of Linen rugs are hand tufted. This process requires experienced craftsman as well as quality materials. Quality of the yarn and the spinning method are of most importance for the final outlook and durability of the rug. For that reason Secrets of linen through its own linen spinning plant to achieve top quality yarn.

Due to the passion for craft and linen on its own Secrets of Linen manufacture natural rugs exceptional for their origin, quality and style. Any of them is unique piece of European nature.


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