Italian wood flooring Mardegan in our assortment

high quality wood flooring Mardegan

We have extended our assortment of floor coverings with wood flooring. Our brand new supplier became Mardegan, an Italian family manufacturer of luxury wood coverings. Mardegan is specialist in manufacturing highest quality 2 or 3-layers flooring. At Mardegan, passion for wood is transmitted from father to son. They follow wood in every step of the process, from sawing to long and accurate drying, seasoning, manufacturing and lacquering.

Mardegan wood flooring offer more than you expect

• Possibility of combining qualities of wood flooring, such as construction and dimension of planks, color, surface processing, etc.

• Choice of 2-layers or 3-layers planks, guaranteed utmost long-term stability. The nominal thickness of the top layer (noble part) at minimum of 5.2 mm in all formats, going up to all of 10 mm in any case. Choice of noble part material - European Oak, European Walnut, American Walnut, Black Locust or Cherry. Suitable for underfloor heating (except of 3-layers 20 mm planks).

• Wide range of surface processing, such as smoothed, brushed, hand planed, rounded, aged, sandblasted, sawn or hand sculpted surface.

• Selection of trees grown in European woods, supervised and protected by strict economical, environmental and social standards. Due of leading-edge equipment and machinery guaranteeing constant quality and precision formats. Highly skilled staff and master craftsmen hand down the traditions of the subsequent diverse hand workmanship. High concern about respect for Nature. Working with wood in a responsible way and use all materials free of toxic or harmful substances.

Mardegan offer exceptional products such as parquet squares and wall coverings

• Wide range of classic (planks) wood flooring

• Parquet wood flooring with modern herringbone pattern

• Timeless parquet squares with many classic and up-to-date styles

• Modern wood wall covering


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