Expona Flow - vinyl in rolls as a modern flooring

Expona Flow - modern vinyl flooring in rolls.

When you hear the term "vinyl flooring" most people see classical planks (with wooden decor) or tiles (with stone or metal decor). However, the reality may be much more diverse than we think - vinyl flooring has a surprisingly long history dating back to the early 20th century, and today he can take various forms.

Expona Flow vinyl flooring is quite unique - it is delivered in rolls. The PVC material is the same as for other Expona floor coverings, only with the addition of plasticizers, which do not contain phthalates or other harmful substances (as documented by numerous certificates of Expona Flow). Roles are two meters wide and twenty meters long, the connection between them after the installation, of course, are not apparent and the final floor seems very compact.

Advantages of vinyl flooring in rolls are clear:

• Installation is quicker.

• The floor has less connections.

• It is softer and more comfortable on impact.

• It is possible to create a different shapes with different colors by cutting and folding into the floor.

Expona Flow has a total of 50 decors, divided into four groups: Expona Flow Wood (20 wood decors), Expona Flow Stone (8 stone decors), Expona Flow Effect Infinity (7 striped decors) and Flow Effect Cosmos (15 colorful decors).

Properties of Expona Flow vinyl flooring:

• They have wear layer with a thickness of 0.7 mm, they are therefore highly durable.

• They have high load classification (23, 34, 43), they are suitable even for heavily loaded industrial buildings.

• They are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Thanks to a strong wear layer and high load classification the floor is not only suitable for apartments and offices, but also for the restaurants, stores, shopping centers, public buildings, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities.


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