FREESTILE - a new generation of floor tiles with innovative designs opens up new possibilities

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Object Carpet presents FREESTILE, next generation carpet tiles which unites innovative design, outstanding usefulness and sustainable environmental management at the highest level. Remarkable point is intelligent designs which freely laid, create an ever new surprisingly harmonious picture.

Innovative and exceptional in design

Cultural metropolises steeped in history were inspiration to the sketches of FREESTILE collection. From Antwerp to Paris, Marrakesh and Tokyo, designer duo Kathrin and Mark Patel created designs that breaks boundaries. 16 different, individualistic motifs, each in 4 respective color schemes. The key feature is that each motif is cut into a large individual 50 x 50 cm tile. Freely laid, an ever new picture is created, which is surprisingly harmonious. In addition an innovative digital printing procedure on the newly developed woven structure in combination with intelligent designs provide unexpected effects. A multi-dimensional experience, which confers fascinating depth to the floor covering and makes every room and every floor an unmistakable original. 

Heavily resisatant

Heavily frequented zones, for example in hotels, airports, sales rooms or trade fairs and convention centers are the field of application for this unique variable and robust FREESTILE collection.

Functional at the highest level

Carpet tiles surface is an exceptionally finely structured, attractive looking with a very classy appearance, which is also eminently suitable for people with allergies. PET is the exclusive source material for the textile elements (surface and primary backing), which can be re-used after their period of use. Enormous demands of dimensional stability and acoustics is fitted with innovative Acoustic Plus Back Coating on highly compressed and thermo-fixed PET fleece. FREESTILE is not only robust and minimalistic like a hard surface, but also preserves the proven advantages of textile, woven surfaces: enhancement of room acoustics, high slip resistance, unrivaled pleasant walking comfort.


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