Concrete in modern interior - colorful and wonderful

Current design trends - concrete in modern interior

Although the idea of exposed concrete in the interior of apartments and houses was a few years ago accepted as pure extravagance, this type of surface is more and more used by designers and required by customers. It is not just ugly grey mass on the ceiling or walls - you can choose from different colours and application possibilities (floor, walls, stairs, kitchen or other places). The so-called architectural concrete may be in fact different materials with wide range of use.

Floors and walls coatings

The most popular are coatings and screeds. Modern concrete imitation is actually a thin layer of cement screed with a thickness of several millimeters, which is able to adhere to any smooth surface. The screeds are highly durable, easy to maintain and you can choose from a wide variety of colours. Cement coating Microverlay from Italian manufacturer Ideal Work is thanks to the polymers also slightly elastic and it is suitable for floors, walls, stairs, furniture and other surfaces. It is very attractive material and the resulting surface is due to manual application always original and unique.

Concrete in bathroom and kitchen

The quality design screeds are suitable not only for floors and walls but even for more unusual areas – bathrooms, showers, kitchens or bars… They are water resistant and can be installed in outdoor areas like saunas, terraces and around swimming pools. The surface can be smooth or rough, you can have various finishes like gloss or matt, everything can be according to your ideas. Coatings are also suitable for installation with floor heating.

Concrete flooring

If you want to have concrete in your home and you don’t like the raw architectural concrete, try design concrete flooring. These floors are highly durable and also very beautiful. For example the Italian concrete floor Nuvolato is available in many colours and looks great in almost every area. Its industrial look fits well not only in modern minimalistic interiors but also in classic ones, with lots of wood and textile decorations.


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