Artigo Lava - forces of nature caught in the rubber

Artigo Lava - rubber flooring with embossed surface

The latest addition to the Italian rubber flooring Artigo is a collection called Lava. Its name suggests that the designers were inspired by nature, between the mountains and the nature elements. Embossed surface and coloring of the entire Lava collection looks like an ancient rocks. You can choose from 6 colors – from brown and grey to black. All the Artigo floor coverings are produced only from health and environmentally friendly materials and are totally recyclable, the manufacturer has all the appropriate certificates.

Properties of rubber flooring Artigo Lava

- Thanks to the rubber is this flooring soft and flexible, the walking across it is pleasant.

- It has an embossed surface with the stone look.

- Rubber flooring Artigo Lava is highly resistant to abrasion and pressure, it can handle even the cigarettes butts.

- Offers an excellent noise insulation, reduces noise up to 10 dB.

- It is produced only from health and environmentally friendly materials and is totally recyclable.

- It comes in rolls (1,90 x 10 m) or tiles (61 x 61 cm).

- Series Lava is treated with surface finish TXL which lowers the cost od cleaning and maintenance and prolongs the life of flooring.

Where to put a Lava rubber flooring?

Thanks to the high performance of classification (23, 34, 43) it is suitable for residential, commercial (offices, shops, showrooms, restaurants, schools…) and even industrial areas. Lava flooring can be installed also to the public transport vehicles, train stations or airports.


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