Thematic collections of Mardegan wood floors show emotions

Mardegan wood floor

Wide range of Mardegan wood floor is divided into 11 thematic collections drawing inspiration from cities, life styles, nature or history. Connecting element for all collections are emotions and feelings. Taste athmosphere of Mardegan collections and choose truly yours one.

• London my Life - recreating colors of London into floors full of nuances, from light tones of sunny days, to medium shades of gray of foggy ones, to the darkest greys typical for the rainy days

• Live in New York – reflects the “Big Apple”, its multi-ethnic made by its very nature, this mix proposes contemporary color tones and designs combined with more classic configurations

• Milano Style – representing modern a timeless Italian design

• Firenze Style – timeless collection made with warm colors and traditional crafting techniques for those who love classic styles, these color tones, used for centuries in historic palaces and ancient mansions, always blend with the greatest elegance

• Emotions & Colours – created to bring wood, a thousand-year valued material, into the spaces used by young people and by whom young at heart has always been

• Loire Castles – repeats the effect that changing seasons, accompanied by wind, rain and sun, have on wood exposed to weathering, it is dedicated to those who appreciate the natural welcome that comes from wood that has “lived”, combined with the elegance of neutral color tones

• Antichi Sapori – reclaims the old wooden beams, to bring it back to life in a new floor, creating a parquet rich in history, details and charm

• Natural Wood – shows wood in absolute essence, in unique and enchanting shades typical for each species, without alterations or modifications, as nature created it

• Paris mon Amour – contrastingly amazing sensations of Paris inspired this collection and its finishes, that seem to physically recreate the charm of Paris, that embraces everyone’s soul and heart. Hand-made finishes make each color unique and different

• Querce Millenarie – inspired by the beauty, the power and the strenght of the oak tree


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