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After nearly 25 years of our existence on the floor coverings market it is time to share with you a little of our history, present and future. It also includes a mini-interview with the owner of the company about the beginnings of the company, our products and services, priorities and plans.

• Fragments of the BOCA history

BOCA company was founded in 1991 by Ing. Jitka Roubíčková, which still personally supervises the operation of the company. She is in this business from the beginning of her career: after graduating she worked in company Centrotex, which exported carpets abroad. Then after the revolution she decided to continue with the carpets in her own company and established the company BOCA (Bohemian Carpets).

„First, we wanted mainly export products. Unfortunately many companies believed that they are able to organize the export themselves and do not need further assistance. As a result, many of them ceased production. Over time we began to represent foreign producers on the Czech market and started to import their products to the Czech Republic,“ explains Jitka Roubíčková.

Immediately after its establishment showed BOCA products intended for export on Europe's largest flooring fair Domotex, where they established cooperation with the big French carpet manufacturer. Thanks to this partnership BOCA started to cooperate with many foreign manufacturers and represent them on the Czech market.

„We accepted the cooperation mainly because we did not like the local offer, which did not include quality coverings. The selection was small, most of the products were sold in unified shades of beige and brown, so we decided to offer more interesting products,“ explains company owner.

•BOCA today

Today we cooperate with nearly three dozen vendors. We offer various types of carpets, wooden and concrete floors, design coatings (on floors and walls), woven vinyl, rubber and vinyl flooring and various floor coverings to the exterior. „We woud like to work with the factories that stand out: whether with their materials or technology. At the same time we make sure we offer the originals, not imitations," says Jitka Roubíčková.

For end customers it is of course difficult to recognize the overpriced product with poor quality. „The choice and responsibility is always on vendors. Customer usually discoveres a wrong choice after a while, when the product does not work as imagined.“ For coverings are a signs of poor quality, for example, worn out places or excessively difficult maintenance.

And what are the favourite floorings of Mrs Roubíčková? „I like the whole variety of surfaces - smooth cement screed, oak floors, visually simple „technical“ carpets and comfortable carpets with a high pile. It always depends on the context of a place and on the quality,“ says owner. It is very important to choose the type of floor according to space and purpose for which it is intended „Man should not be a slave even to the most beuatiful flooring," adds Roubíčková.

BOCA is just finishing the new company showroom designed by the famous Vrtiška-Žák studio. It will be a generously designed space with wavy wall covered with colorful carpet mosiac and white cement floor coating.

"The new showroom will enable us to fulfill some long-delayed plans - exhibitions of Czech artists and designers, meetings with architects and interesting suppliers and various workshops," enjoys the team BOCA.


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