2X5M2 - Lenka Kerdová a Matěj Macháček, 9. 9. – 7. 10. 2016

2X5M2 exhibition Lenka Kerdová Matěj Macháček

2X5M2 exhibition is organized on the occasion of opening new showroom BOCA. We have asked Lenka Kerdová and Matěj Macháček to create an art installation. They had the use of 20 concrete tiles measured 50 x 50 cm to dye it with reactive colors. Those colors are used to dye concrete floors and other surfaces. It reacts with cement basis of the concrete and makes a long-lasting and durable color effect on its surface, which is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Lenka Kerdová


Lenka studied Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, department of Painting/Fine Art at doc. Michael Rittsteina and doc. R. Franta. She also studied Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Art History. She did an internship at Vienna's Akademie der Bildenden Künste, study of Contextual Painting at Univ.- Prof. Mag. MA. Hans Scheirl. Lenka has already had 15 exhibitions, among them Velvet – Blue Period (2016, Prague, Kavárna Pod Lipami), Diplomanti AVU (2015, Prague, Veletržní palác), Nika (2013, Praha, Galerie VŠUP), Na Půl (2013, Prague, Via Art), Fragmenty počátků (2008, Kosmonosy, Loreta).

Lenka speaks about her work on 2X5M2 exhibition:

work with 1 element (‐‐‐›Malevich), the element is one concrete tile (1/4 m2)

• element ‐ space •

the move of one element inside the structure creates new geometrical composition and mainly layers – the new dimension of the space appears, it subliminally contains the fourth dimension of time

the element of time is the key component for dying concrete tiles with reactive colors (the color effect depends on time that you keep color react with surface)

• process – time – movement •

in the first phase, I let 8 basic elements move, as a result there where 2 square meters of color elements (squares) moving on the surface in different layers

in the second phase, I worked with empty space, defined with color squares

I took those empty spaces called „meziprostory“, moved them into second module and put them into new composition

the new shape made of „meziprostory“ was created

• among – shape ‐ emptiness •

I dyed this new shape with colors of opposite color spectrum (warm color)

The dyed area corresponds with the area of color squares in first module

Matěj Macháček


Matěj is final-year student of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Before that he studied High school of fine Arts, painting studio Uherské Hradiště. Among his exhibition we can mention Ink Roads (2016, Prague), I passed by an apple tree (2014, Prague), Mexico en los Ojos del Extranjero (2013, Mexiko, MIA Culiacan), The Attic Exhibition (2013, Prague), XII years of painting studio III. Prof. Rittstein (Czech embassy in Vienna, AU) či Figurama (2012, Prague).

Matěj speaks about his work on 2X5M2 exhibition:

Before I started to work on this project, I spend some time at Taiwan. I was travelling there with my girlfriend on the motorbike, exploring the nature, drawing and painting. During that stay I created the series of auto portraits in the shadow. The main character is the warrior with the bow, the hero. Those ink paintings became an inspiration for my work on 2X5M2 exhibition.

The process of dying concrete tiles with reactive colors reminded me ink painting or aquarelle. I put the colors onto concrete surface the same way I would do it on the paper. The effect was exactly the same, color stains uncontrollably blurred.

I created the triptych of identical figures in different color combinations. I was looking for ideal contrast of figure and background to show it coming from the burning sand coast with cargo ships on the horizon.


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