Fletco carpet tiles in new eye-catching shapes

Fletco carpet tiles in new eye-catching shapes

Fletco, the Danish manufacturer of carpets, created all new collection of original shaped carpet tiles. The author of the collection is Sebastian Wrong, one of the busiest Britain´s designers with 15 years of professional career. He created a collection of carpet tiles that would push the conventional floor tile typology into a new direction and dimension. Utilising the standard production setup Fletco has for their existing tile ranges, they can now offers a new typology of product in terms of shape and color. The new collection offers endless pallet of colors combined with a selection of geometric shapes that can connect and interlock to make many possibilities. It allows you to play with color, form and pattern in synchronised harmony.

Geometric shapes

Sebastian Wrong´s collection offers carpet tiles in different shapes – triangles, hexagons, parallelograms, trapezoids and others creating eye-catching pattern on the floor. Laser cut provides highest perfection and perfect interlock.

Colors and color families

Tiles from Sebastian Wrong´s collection are available in 18 colors. You can combine any of that colors together or get inspired by one of 5 color families (C1 – C5) perfectly matching together.


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