Carpet underlays ensure longer life of carpets

Carpet and floor covering underlays, BOCA Praha.

The carpet or floor covering underlays are in our country not so popular like in Western Europe and America. They are used in almost every hotel, restaurant, office and other commercial buildings but also in private apartments and houses. These underlyas have so many advantages that their use is always recommended.


Underlay advantages:

• they prolong the life of the carpet

• they keep the rug firmly in place, work as anti-slip

• walking on the carpet with underlay is softer

• they provide sound and heat insulation

• they can even the small irregularities of the surface under the carpet


There are several types of underlays, each is suitable for a different floor covering:

• wall-to-wall carpet underlay – they prolong the life and ensure walking comfort

• rug underlay with anti-slip – they keep the rug on place

• underlay with vapor barrier – they have a special membrane against moisture and mold

• floating floor underlays – they provide good sound and heat insulation

• woven PVC underlays – they prolong the life and ensure walking comfort


Almost all of our underlays are suitable for installation with floor heating. We are looking to see you in our showroom where we can help you to choose the best underlay for your needs.


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