Colorful vinyl flooring in rolls Polyflor Bloc

Colorful vinyl flooring Polyflor Bloc, BOCA Praha.

Polyflor Bloc – new vinyl flooring collection – offers a new possibilities in interior design. It is a heterogeneous floor covering with colorful embossed surface. The wear layer is 0.7 mm thick and is fully pigmented. The polyuretane reinforcement provide a low-cost maintenance and floor protection against scratches. The surface has also an anti-slip which is great for most of commercial areas.

Polyflor Bloc is available in 16 colors – grays, neutrals, pastels and brights. You can use them individually or combine them to create differently colored areas.

Properties of Polyflor Bloc vinyl flooring:

• Available in a 16 colors.

• Possibility of creating multicolored areas.

• High load performance (classes 23, 34 and 43)

• Floor thickness is 2 mm, wear layer 0.7 mm.

• Quality PUR surface layer, which provides low maintenance costs and also increases durability.

• Suitable for installation with underfloor heating.

• 100 percent recyclable, it contains 10 percent of recycled material.

• Polyflor flooring is available in rolls with width of 2 m and lenghts of 20 m.

Vinyl flooring Polyflor Bloc is an excellent choice for areas where you need high performance class, it is possible to install them even in highly frequented locations, such as shops, restaurants, offices, hotels and others. It can be installed over underfloor heating.


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