How to choose a good contract carpet?

How to choose a good contract carpet

If you need a carpet for the area where you anticipate higher traffic, the obvious choice would be the contract carpet. Its main advantage is the ability to withstand high traffic.

Where to install the contract carpet?

Highly resistant carpets find their use primarily in commercial areas (offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.), but surprisingly often are used even in residential areas. The reason is simple - hand in hand with high durability go other benefits of these carpets - quality materials, easy maintenance and long life. All this, of course, you can appreciate also in your home.

Design of modern contract carpets

It is no longer true that contract carpet equals boring gray color. Modern carpets offer such a variety of shapes, designs and colors, it is not easy to choose. The latest trends are going in several directions: carpets can be composed of various shapes (eg Fletco offers squares, triangles, hexagons, parallelograms and trapezoids), may have distinctive patterns (Freestile collection from Object Carpet has quite exceptional design inspired by world metropolises) and there are even contract rugs with original motifs (RugXstyle in 3 sizes and 12 colors).

How to choose a high quality contract carpet?

High quality carpet must meet several criteria, which are dependent mainly on the area where the carpet is installed. Other demands are in the hallway of the family villa and other in the hotel lobby. Generally, it is necessary to keep an eye on a few basic things:

Wear classification for the residential areas must be at least 23, for less busy commercial areas 31 or 32 and for high traffic areas 33 or 34.

The pile material of the contract carpet must be of high quality, with the long life.

• The structure of the carpet surface should be easily maintained and cleaned. Most often it is fastened loop, but modern materials already allow the use of other types of fibers.

• Important is also the reaction to the fire, classes Cfl and Bfl are quite sufficient.

• If you plan to install contract carpet in the office (home or business), make sure that it is suitable for wheelchairs. You have to know if the carpet is suitable for permanent or occasional use wheelchairs, or whether it is not suitable at all.

• Important might be also the possibility to lay carpet on the floor heating or the acoustic insulation, which carpet provides.


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