What can mats and cleaning zones do?

Materials and functions of cleaning zones, sales and installation BOCA Praha.

If you think the mat in front of the door is just "some piece of carpet" and its most important feature is its color, we will open your eyes. High-quality mats can do quite a lot, you just have to choose carefully.

Cleaning mats function

Catching of the dirt – mats and cleaning zones, of course, are not just for the decoration, their primary purpose is to clean the shoes.

Dampening of moisture - which would otherwise be put in the interior.

Sound insulation - the bottom layer of the mat also acts as an acoustic barrier and lowers impact noise.

Reducing floor maintenance costs - by keeping most of the dirt in the mat, the interior floor cleaning costs are saved.

Extending the life of floors - mats prevent flooring contamination inside buildings and thus contribute to their longer service life.

What mats are made of

The materials of the cleaning mat can be easily divided into two types: natural and synthetic. Traditional natural material is coconut - the mats are robust, very dense and are well attached to the floor due to their great weight. They have a high cleaning capacity nad good moisture absorption. Synthetic materials include, for example, polyamide fibers, polypropylene and nylon - the filaments are firmly fixed to the substrate.

Consult with experts

Before you choose a mat or a cleaning zone, you need to think about what area is intended for. Some mats can only be installed indoors, others can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Some have a coarse surface for capturing coarse dirt (mud, stones), others are slightly more subtle for dirt and moisture. If you are not sure what you need, consult with experts. We are happy to welcome you to our BOCA showroom, where you can view the entire range of mats and choose the right one for you.

Best-selling BOCA mats and cleaning zones

- Our most popular mats are from coir - they can be in natural brown color (natural coir mat) or in a variety of shades (colored coir mat). They are durable and can absorb high amounts of dirt and moisture (up to 8 liters of water per square meter).

- Alba - polyamide cleaning zone in 7 colors designed for interior, halls or stairs.

- Arcos - polypropylene mat with PVC base and 4-line loop, available in 3 colors.

- Aubonne - 4-color polyamide mat for the interior.

- Padova - polyamide mat with PVC base, which can be ordered in 8 color variants.

- Catch - a polypropylene and PVC cleaning mat for the exterior, ie in front of the entrance areas, available in 3 colors.


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