Vinyl flooring as a folded paper or rusted metal

Vinyl flooring with the unusual design, BOCA Praha.

Vinyl (or PVC) is the most popular material for the floor coverings. The reasons are obvious – high durability (depending on the thickness of the wear layer), easy maintenance and higher walking comfort than paving or laminate flooring. Thanks to a high-quality photo layer (pictures of wood, stone, concrete or other material) and a registered emboss (a thin transparent layer that makes the surface structure) they can faithfully imitate almost any material.

The most popular design of vinyl flooring remains wood followed by stone. Although the Czech market is quite conservative, the demand for unusual designs is gradually rising. So what about the floor with the design of folded paper or rusted iron plates?

German vinyl flooring Expona Commercial offers, besides standard classic designs (wood, stone, concrete ...), some very unconventional designs. For example, the paper or mosaic is available in a black and white variant, both can be combined in one space. Also interesting are the tiles imitating rusty metal plates, steel or iron ore. These special designs offer completely new possibilities in the interior design.

Unusual vinyl flooring designs:

Expona Commercial Parchment

Expona Commercial Plate

Expona Commercial Mosaic

Expona Commercial Black Textile

Expona Commercial Rusted Metal

Expona Commercial Iron Ore

Expona Commercial Industrial Steel


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