What are the best floors for schools and kindergartens?

Floors suitable for schools and kindergartens, vinyl and rubber.

Floors for schools and kindergartens are a separate group of floor coverings with very specific requirements. The most important ones are of course durability, safety and easy maintenance, but there are others to consider.

What properties must have the good floor coverings for schools and kindergartens?

Resistance: Floors in schools and kindergartens are highly stressed - they must be able to withstand a high load, scratches and other damage.

Safety: Where a large number of children are moving, it is always better to bet on antiskid floors, which minimize the possibility of slipping and subsequent fall or injury.

Easy maintenance: Easy maintenance is always a welcomed benefit. Floor coverings should therefore be treated with topcoat (PUR or other) to guarantee this.

Acoustic insulation: In school facilities is always good the absorption of impact noise - some floors can also meet this requirement.

Fire resistance: Fire resistance of the floor coverings must comply with the relevant standards.

Antistatic: In some specific areas, such as computer classrooms, it is ideal to install a covering with antistatic properties that prevents the electrostatic charge.

Design options: A selection of different colors and patterns can be an important criterion too in order to design the interior according to the customer's wishes.

Which floor coverings meet these requirements?

Rubber flooring - This almost 100% natural floor covering fulfills all of the above-mentioned requirements and has proved to be a good choice in school facilities over the long term. Italian rubber flooring Artigo can be seen in our showroom.

PVC flooring - vinyl floors are a classic choice for kindergartens and schools, they have a variety of colors, surfaces and formats. In BOCA you can choose from the brands Expona and Polyflor from the German manufacturer Objectflor.


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