Trends in contract carpets

Modern trends in contract carpets, BOCA floors.

Some time ago only monochromatic carpets in dark colors were installed in all the commercial areas, the current trend is heading in a completely different direction. We are talking about various colors and shapes, combined on the floor and creating varied patterns.

Imaginative carpet design

Perhaps the most striking representative of the new wave is Freestile collection, from German manufacturer Object Carpet. Carpet tiles, which can be installed in different ways and always create a harmonious design, are unique in many ways. 16 designs, each in 4 colors, is inspired by the world's metropolis, and with its spatial effect it looks very imaginative. The Freestile flooring is highly durable, non-slip and has good acoustic properties.

The triangle is a new square

Do you want something more progressive than the classic roles or squares in your commercial space? There is no problem - for example, the Danish company Fletco makes carpet tiles in different shapes. Triangles, hexagons, parallels, trapezoids and more ... everything is possible. This, of course, offers a wide range of floor layouts, shapes and colors.


Woven vinyl Fitnice on walls, BOCA Prague sortiment.Woven vinyl Fitnice on walls, BOCA Prague sortiment.

Vinyl fabric Fitnice Wall

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