Unique carpet tiles Fletco LockTiles

Unique carpet tiles Fletco LockTiles with the broadloom design.

Danish company Fletco is known for its innovative approach to expanding its range. Approximately a year ago, the unique ZigZag tiles came with carpet squares that have two jagged edges - these individual parts fit perfectly together and make it possible to lay the floor in one direction. This year's novelty presented at several international trade fairs is LockTiles - a patented innovative solution in the floor coverings, which is unique in the current market.

LockTiles have specially shaped laser cut edges that always fit in and the tiles can be laid in any direction. The result is a homogeneous surface in which the individual joints are not visible. The LockTiles squares combine all the benefits of carpet tiles and the appearance of broadloom.

The advantages of the LockTiles:

• The tiles interlock and fit perfectly together.

• The tiles can be installed in any direction.

• The LockTiles ensure an effective and perfect installation.

• With these tiles an effect of a broadloom is obtained with minimal visible joints.

• Single tiles can easily be replaced.

The LockTiles are available in the size 50 x 50 cm and can be delivered in the following collections: Nordic, Classic Weave, COM1000 and Space.

Shortly after being launched, LockTiles carpets were awarded as the winner in the category of innovative interior products at the Architect@Work Munich Fair.


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