Sandwich system of floor underlays

Sandwich system under the floor covering, floor underlays.

The preparation of the surface under the floor covering is a crucial moment in the works preceding the installation of the floor itself. The substrate is rarely ideal - without any unevenness, cracks, or other imperfections that need to be repaired or compensated. In most cases, the classic leveling helps - by spilling the smoothing compound, the surface becomes uniform and suitable for the subsequent installation of the floor covering. However, there are exceptions where the leveling can not be applied - for example on double floors or where the original floor should be retained.

The traditional MDF boards are functional but rather tedious. The foils must be laid first and then several layers of boards (mostly

two). A more efficient method is using of the Floorfixx sandwich system - it is made up of two layers of MDF boards, bottom with a base (XPS foam or perforated polyethylene according to the type of underlay). Everything is in one piece, there is no need to lay each layer separately, which greatly speeds up installation - this is the most effective solution on the market today.

Advantages of Floorfixx floor underlays:

• They work where classical leveling is not possible (for example for double floors).

• Installation is very fast and easy, no need to lay each layer separately.

• The Floorfixx sandwich system meets the load classes 31-34 (according to the type), therefore it is also suitable for heavily loaded industrial areas.

• Due to several layers it has good sound and thermal insulation properties.

Video with the installation of Floorfixx system you can see HERE or HERE (various types of underlays).

Floorfixx underlays are available in several versions - with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm, with a different bottom layer (foam or polyethylene). To find out more about the Floorfixx sandwich system, call BOCA showroom and arrange a meeting with our specialist who will explain everything.


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