Beautiful woven carpets and rugs BOMAT

Luxury hand-made carpets and rugs BOMAT, BOCA floors supplier.

The domain of the Belgian company Bomat is the manufacture of luxury carpets and rugs with a high proportion of handmade work. Its manufacturing plants in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh benefit primarily from the fact that experience with textile production is still deeply rooted in this region and passed on from generation to generation. Also, the materials used for weaving carpets are mostly traditional - wool, silk, leather, bamboo yarn and more.

In the Belgian headquarters, ideas for new designs are being developed, fiber composition and the use of different weaving techniques are tested. For this purpose, the department of development has a miniature versions of real weaving looms from Indian factories. All manufactured carpets are tested for sales in the European Union.

Hand-made Bomat carpets

Whether you like tightened loops of Argentinean wool, or you prefer a wrinkled structure of cut silk fibers with longer hair, in Bomat you should always have a choice. Likewise, if you are looking for a carpet in a gray tones or on the other hand cheerfully laced with several distinctive colors... nothing is impossible. The offer is really wide. Rugs have a fixed size (width x length), or can be custom-made to meet the specific customer's requirements.

BOCA showroom

Come and see us in the BOCA showroom, we will be happy to show you all samples of Bomat carpets and help you with the choice.


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