Mardegan - mosaic wooden floors

Wooden mosaic floor Mardegan, BOCA Praha.

The Italian manufacturer of wood flooring Mardegan offers many options for the wooden floor. It is not just a 2-layer or 3-layer version, different materials of the tread layer, paint, surface finish, etc. Mardegan has several options in the assortment to make the individual wooden shapes on the floor - from classic planks next to each other to fascinating patterns such as Casablanca.

Six types of mosaic wooden floors:

Boards: Traditional planks in the most fashionable concept - planks simply placed one next to each other or one after the other. On one floor it is possible to combine planks with different lenght and width, for a more interesting effect.

Herringbone: The design, which can be composed in a classical or modern way. Every time, however, it is a perfect complement to modern interiors.

Teorema: Unusual geometric lines create an interesting mosaic on the floor with a unique look. Each piece of this jigsaw puzzle is created by hand and with respect to natural material.

Quadrotte: Mosaic inspired by the charm of Italian palaces and aristocratic residences. It is basically a square base with different shapes inside. The composition may vary according to the the customer wish.

Casablanca: A sophisticated mosaic with a sleek design that leaves a distinct wood structure. The most striking feature are the intersecting lines.

Damasco: Hexagonal shapes in different colors create an interesting combination that looks good both on the floor and on the wall.

From these options you can freely choose and eventually create on your own design for a unique wooden floor. In our BOCA showroom, we are happy to introduce you all Mardegan materials and help you with the selection.


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