Contract carpet tiles Burmatex - colorful floors

Contract carpet tiles Burmatex, BOCA Group floors.

Burmatex is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of the contract carpet tiles and planks. It has been operating since 1917 and over time has specialized in this product range that we have included in our offer.

Properties of the Burmatex carpet tiles and planks:

high resistance (load classification 33, high load in commercial areas)

easy maintenance or replacement of individual tiles

• available in tiles (50 x 50 cm), some in planks

• surface mostly loop, somewhere multi-level (creating a relief) or even cut hair

• predominant shades of gray plus distinctive contrasting colors (blue, green, red orange, yellow ...)

• monochrome, with melange and stripe

• individual tiles can be combined to create zones or various patterns

The use of Burmatex carpets is mainly for the offices and other commercial areas – schools and training centers, libraries, hotels and more. Due to easy maintenance and high durability, these carpets fit into residential properties that are rented and where replacement is expected to be more frequent.


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