Advantages of woolen carpets from Creatuft and Best Wool Carpets

Advantages of woolen carpets BOCA.

Wool as a material for the manufacturing of carpets is a classic choice, woolen carpets were made already in the years before Christ. The oldest carpet in the world, the so-called Pazyryk, is also from wool – it was found frozen in ice in the tomb of the Skythy Chief in Siberian Altai and its age is estimated to be 2500 years.

Carpets from our range are mostly made from New Zealand wool, which is the highest quality, and from two manufacturers – Creatuft and Best Wool Carpets. They can be tufted, woven, wilton or in tiles. Some are suitable for homes, others have a higher load class, and can be used in offices, hotels or other commercial areas. Wool is not especially delicate material, woolen carpets just need to be vacuumed regularly and in the case of spills use a dry white cloth to suck out the fluid.

The valuable features of wool carpets are:

• Long life

• Good insulation properties

• High walking comfort

Color fastness of fibers

Shape memory - the fibers will return back to their original shape after compression

• It's natural materiál

• Wool carpets are hypoallergenic

• Wool is fire-retardant

We will be glad to welcome you to our BOCA showroom, show you samples of wool carpets and rugs from our assortment and help you choose.


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