When dealing with sound insulation - acoustic rubber floors

When dealing with sound insulation - acoustic rubber floors Artigo, BOCA Group Praha.

The new product from our Italian supplier of the Artigo rubber flooring captures everyone who needs to solve the sound insulation. The entire Plansystem collection (seven products: Lava, Kayar, Grain, Granito, Natura, Nd/Uni and Screed) is available also in special X-Elastic version with acoustic backing. This will decrease acoustic noise up to 21 dB.

This type of flooring is mostly used in commercial areas with increased silence requirements, such as hospitals, libraries or even some office spaces. The Artigo X-Elastic acoustic rubber floors also have the advantage that the same design exists in a normal version without an acoustic backing, so it is possible to combine them throughout the installation. The type without acoustic backing has a thickness of 2-3 mm, while the X-Elastic version has 4 or 5 mm.

As the Plansystem collection has seven floor types, each of which offers a custom color palette, it's exactly 126 different options for how your new rubber floor with acoustic benefits can look.


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