cleaning mat (entrance matting)

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Čisticí rohož pro komerční prostory, BOCA Praha.

Gibson is cleaning mat made from 100% polyamide, which effectively captures dirt and moisture from the shoes and prevents introduction of impurities into the objects. It is available in 7 colors.


• Cleaning mat Gibson is made from 100% polyamide.

• The total height of cleaning mat is 8 mm.

• The total weight is 3,100 g/m².

• It comes in rolls of a width of 135 and 200 cm.

• Gibson cleaning mat can absorb 6 liters of liquid per square meter.


This cleaning mat is suitable for installation in interiors, where no outside mat is available. It is ideal for very busy entrance areas - offices, shops, restaurants an other commercial objects. You can lay it on the floor or assembly to aluminium sash.

Black cleaning mat, BOCA Praha flooring.
150 Black
Beige cleaning zone, BOCA flooring.
151 Beige
Brown cleaning mat, BOCA Praha.
152 Brown
Brown cleaning mat, BOCA Praha.
154 Taupe
Gray clenaing zone, BOCA Praha sortiment.
155 Grey
Blue cleaning mat, BOCA Praha.
156 Blue
Red cleaning mat, BOCA Praha sortiment.
159 Red
Brown cleaning mat, BOCA Praha.


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