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Design cement coating Microverlay for floors and walls, BOCA Group Praha supplier.

Microverlay cement coating of the new generation from our Italian supplier Isoplam is an excellent solution for floors, walls, stairs and even furniture or other surfaces. With a thickness of only 3 mm, it is possible to create a completely new surface with a concrete appearance, highly durable and easy to maintain. Individual customization options are almost endless - you can choose from different color combinations, change their intensity or choose different finishes.

Features of Microverlay design coating:

• Thickness of only 3 mm.

• Jointless surface solution.

• Suitable for both interior and exterior.

• Wide coloring options and various surface finishes.

• Thanks to manual application, the resulting surface is always unique and unrepeatable.

• Microverlay coating is waterproof and flameproof (A2fl-S1).

• Due to the absence of joints, the surface is hygienic and easy to maintain.

When making a concrete floor, it is always necessary to pay attention to thorough preparation: our technicians will come to the site, professionally assess the construction readiness and quality of the substrate, in case of unsatisfactory conditions we will prepare everything so that the resulting floor is beautiful and functional for as long as possible. With us you can rely on complex services.

Using the Microverlay cement coating:

Microverlay cement screed can be applied not only to floors, but also to walls, stairs, bathrooms and showers, bar counters, kitchen cabinets, etc. Besides the interiors, it is also suitable for exteriors - around swimming pools, terraces, garden stairs and more. It is not necessary to remove the original surfaces - Microverlay can be installed on tiles, wood, marble, concrete, glass, plastic, metal ...


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