In our product range, the highest quality and excellent processing is the main thing for us. Each chapter contains a kind of floor coverings: carpets, woven vinyl, design coatings, vinyl flooring, etc. When looking for a product with a specific attribute (colour, supplier, technical parameters...) you will most probably like possibility of a filtered parameter search.


Carpet tiles indistinguishable from broadloom

Fletco LockTiles carpet tiles have all the benefits of their category, yet the resulting carpet looks like a broadloom. Thanks to the new patented system of laser cut edges.

When dealing with sound insulation: acoustic rubber floors Artigo

We are working with Artigo rubber floors for a long time. What's new, however, is the acoustic backing that ensures a noise reduction of up to 21 dB ... and this can be useful.

Lixio - polished floors with a luxurious look

Cement floor as a modern terrazzo - it is suitable for interior and exterior, it has a various colors and it can be polished to high gloss or antislippery surface... the choice is yours.

Expona - unlimited possibilities for your floor

Expona Commercial vinyl floors can look like wooden planks, stone pavement, concrete screed, or even crumpled paper. Choose what your interior needs...

Benefits of wool carpets or do not worry about natural materials

You do not have to worry about wool carpets - they are easy to maintain, they are often installed in hotels and have several useful benefits that can be useful.

Contract carpet tiles Burmatex - colorful floors

Make your own design from carpet squares and planks in a variety of colors - contract carpets Burmatex also allow you to create different zones and guide bars.

Mosaic wooden floor - hand work of the Italian craftsmen

Choose from 6 types of wooden mosaic flooring that is best for your interior - from classic planks to sophisticated designs inspired by Italian palaces.


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