Carpets and screeds in Urban Creme Hotel

BOCA as a main supplier of floors and surfaces for five-star Urban Creme hotel - you can find there our carpets, rugs and screeds.

Artigo rubber flooring in TON showroom

The dark grey Artigo rubber flooring in the TON showroom Ostrava - the combination of smooth, single-colored rubber and raw concrete walls, makes the exhibited furniture stand out.

Fletco carpets in a new Endorphin Republic shop

At the new Endorphin Republic sport shop in Prague's Waltrovka you will find our carpets not only on the floor but also on stands of various shapes.

Theater podium covered with BOCA contract carpets

During the revitalization of the Lovoš cultural center, our carpets were applied not only as a standard flooring fot the foyer, but also as a covering material on the stage.

Exclusive floor covering from Fitnice woven vinyl

Woven vinyl has turned out to be the ideal flooring for big business offices - it is durable, easy to maintain, and has a unique, fresh design. In some other areas was installed SimpLay vinyl flooring with a perfect imitation of stone tiles.

Winner of the Interior of the year has our design floors

Loft in Prague's Hřebenky has a number of industrial details, and one of them is our gray cement coating Microtopping.

BOCA carpets on the Milano Design Week

Lasvit company won with its Monster Cabinet concept the design award at the Milano Design Week. And our carpets suitable especially for exhibits and fairs were there!

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Coatings and carpets BOCA in the Urban Creme hotel, BOCA Group realization.
contract carpet Zenith, Bichon rugs, cement coating Microverlay
Artigo rubber flooring in TON showroom Ostrava, BOCA Group Praha supplier.
Artigo rubber flooring
Contract carpet Fletco in Endorphin Republic sport shop
contract carpet Fletco COm 1000
Reconstruction of the Lovoš culture center, BOCA Praha reference
Nordic contract carpet
Office floor from Fitnice woven vinyl, BOCA Group referenze.
Fitnice woven vinyl, SimpLay vinyl flooring
Hřebenky Loft with cement coating, Interior of the year winner, BOCA Praha realization.
Microtopping design coating
Pointex special carpets in the Lasvit presentation in MIlano, BOCA Praha realization.
Pointex special carpets
SimpLay vinyl flooring in restaurant Potrefená husa, BOCA Praha realization.
vinyl flooring SimpLay a Polysafe
Cement coating on the floor in the kitchen and living room.
Architop design screed
New design of the Venue cafe with the cement screed on the floor and the stand.
Microtopping design coating
New BOCA showroom in OC Atrium Flora, carpets and floor coverings.
Microtopping cement coating, Mardegan wooden floors, Polyscreen woven vinyl
Floors realization in the office area, BOCA Praha supplier.
SimpLay, carpet tiles
Carpets and rubber flooring in private house, BOCA Praha realization
Tasibel sisal carpet, Bentley carpet, Artigo rubber
Natural cowhide rug with anti-slip underlay, BOCA carpets.
patchworked leather rug
© BOCA  
Contract carpet in andel's hotel in Prague
contract carpet Object Carpet
Contract carpet in car showroom Škoda Louda, BOCA floors.
contract carpet Fletco
Park Holiday, Benice, BOCA Praha
contract carpets, woven PVC, PVC, cleaning mats
Design coating Microtopping, vinyl flooring Objectflor at Mincovna restaurant
design coating Microtopping, vinyl flooring Objectflor
Cleaning mat with rubber profile, BOCA flooring.
cleaning matt Alba


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