BOCA Group a.s. BOCA Group a.s. logo 230 59 en Thu, 29 Oct 2020 13:09:00 Thu, 29 Oct 2020 13:09:00 Outdoor rugs for balconies and terraces summer is here and along with it our more frequent outdoor stay, in open spaces. The recent coronavirus quarantine may have helped that to a certain extent, where we tried to stay indoors as much as possible, because of which we now like the fresh air that the outside provides even more. Outdoors, on balconies and terraces, we can create a comfortable enviroment, for example, thanks to rugs made specifically for these areas. In our climatic condition, classic textile carpets wouldn't stand a chance under the open sky, but there's a range of those made specifically for this purpose. Which are those? • <strong>Woven vinyl rugs</strong> Primarily the Fitnice <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">rugs made out of woven vinyl</a> - a modern material that combines woven carpet's design and synthetic material's resistance. We have a lot of various types of woven vinyl carpets in our sortiment, each in many colors and with different surface structures. If you pick a type that we at the moment have stored, give us a shape, size and a kind of edging (borderings of various colors and widths), you can have a new carpet on your balcony or terrace within a few days. If you liked a kind of rug we currently don't have stored, we would order it and make it in a longer time span. • <strong>Contract rugs</strong> Another option is a <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">contract carpet Mellon</a>, which is resistant to wetness. That makes it an ideal candidate for outdoor use. It is supplied in 28 colors and we will gladly make a rug out of it in your desired size. Same as woven vinyl, we also have several of the colors stored and the carpet will be made within a few days - you just need to choose an edging type (stitching or borderings, various colors and widths). Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:00:00 GTMart119Wedding carpets, runners and decorative fabrics current coronavirus situation has finally allowed weddings to be organized as we are used to them. Because of that, we are offering textiles, which are made specifically for this wedding purpose. In our sortiment you can find <strong>one-off carpets and fabrics</strong> in a large variety of colors, with glitters, wedding motives or you can even have a carpet based on your own design. <strong>What do we offer for wedding ceremonies?</strong> • <strong>Wedding carpets and runners</strong> Our wedding carpets are made for floor covering either as wall-to-wall or classic runners. • <strong>Covering and decorative fabrics</strong> Along with decorative wedding textiles you can make a wonderful wedding atmosphere, that you can imagine. Celebratory enviroment of the wedding day can be supported, for example by curtains, table-cloth or separating walls. Also for some of the qualities it is possible to <strong>create a carpet/runner as well as a decorative/covering fabric in the same design</strong>. For example, you can have a carpet and a decorative fabric in the same design put anywhere in an area: on walls, curtains, table-cloths and so on. <strong>What our wedding collection offers:</strong> • <strong>Large quantity of colors</strong> There are many colors of carpets and fabrics to choose from - from plain white over modern elephant bone to glittering gold, silver or any other metallic color. The same also works for surfaces - you can have decorative fabrics to be soft, plushy or with glitter, depends on your preference. • <strong>Individual motives on request</strong> Starting at 1 roll, it is possible to have a fabric or a carpet made with your own color or design pattern. You can loosen the bridle of your own fantasy and have a fabric made with your own names, initials or various ornaments on it. • <strong>Fantastic price/performance ratio</strong> In regards to those carpets and fabrics being one-offs, the price/performance ration is adjusted to it. • <strong>High resistance</strong> The materials are ideal for interior as well as exterior usage, they are accustomed to outdoor weather conditions. Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:00:00 GTMart118New carpet collection of design carpets with outstanding graphics's trend is without a doubt customization and individual adjustment of products on customer's demand. Even our German supplier <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Object Carpet</a> decided to go along with this trend and release a new collection of carpets called FORUM with <strong>18 outstanding designs</strong>, each in 4 color types and 4 surface types (structured loop, woven, glossy velour and velour). Colors may slightly differ depending on the surface. This creative concept allows architects and interior designers to create an area based on customer's wishes and needs. There are many available options and combinations - available size types are wall-to-wall carpets, squares or even RugX rugs. These design carpets aren't only to be looked at, they fulfil high demands for a carpet used in frequent commercial areas, such as <strong>offices, hotels, showrooms and so on</strong>. They cannot only be installed into residential areas but also into places where they would be exposed to higher wheight requirements due to their 32 and 33 performance classification. All types of carpets are provided with an Acoustic Plus base made out of PET materials. Minimal order size for this collection must be at least 100 squared meters. <strong>Technical details of the collection:</strong> • 18 graphic designs in 4 colors and 4 surface types (structured loop, woven, glossy velour and velour) • Option to choose a wall-to-wall, a rug or a square shape • Ideal for commercial and residential areas • 32 and 33 weight class • Acoustic plus backing made out of recycled PET materials • 100 m2 minimal order size Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:00:00 GTMart117Natural classic - Mardegan wooden floor<strong>Wooden flooring</strong> is undoubtedly a classic - whether it is in appearance or its utility properties, which make it a very pleasant flooring material popular for perhaps centuries. Nowadays, it is once again in the forefront of interest and is being installed more and more often, <strong>not only in private apartments, but also in commercial areas</strong>, which are supposed to look cosy, stylish and sometimes also luxurious. The Italian manufacturer <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Mardegan</a>, who manufactures our wooden floors, has been in this family business producing wood floors and wall tiles for generations. Mardegan people place great emphasis on <strong>environmental friendliness</strong>, using only wood from European trees (oak, cherry, walnut and acacia), which is mined and processed in compliance with the relevant European standards. The floors are always 2-layer or 3-layer and can be laminated, parquet or mosaic in variously folded patterns. The whole assortment is divided into 15 collections, there are 13 different types of surface treatment (brushed, sandblasted, sawed, hand planed, etc.) and 144 color variants. The offer is really wide, because the individual parameters can be combined with each other. If you would like to see Mardegan wooden floors or wall tiles with your own eyes, make an appointment in <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom in Praha-Flora</a> and come to choose or just get inspired. Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:00:00 GTMart116Velaa - carpet for the rescue of the seas new <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Velaa carpet</a> from German manufacturer Object Carpet was created to <strong>support the organization Healthy Seas</strong>. The name of the Velaa carpet means a turtle in the local language of the Maldives. The organization seeks to draw attention to the millions of old fishing nets that exist in all the world's seas. In the Baltic Sea alone, over 10,000 nets remain every year, entrapped by turtles and other marine organisms, which subsequently die. Technically Velaa is based on the <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Places of Origin collection</a> - made from 100% recyclable Econyl fiber, produced from fishing nets and other nylon waste. The carpet design resembles a turtle shell. Velaa is available as a wall-to-wall carpet in rolls and in tiles. For each square meter of Velaa sold, <strong>Object Carpet donates 5 percent of the sales</strong> to Healthy Seas. <strong>Features of Velaa carpet:</strong> - Made of 100% recyclable Econyl fiber - Special colors on request from 200 square meters - Suitable for commercial areas, load classification 33 Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:00:00 GTMart114Expona SimpLay 19dB accoustic floor new generation of <strong>SimpLay vinyl flooring without adhesive bonding</strong>, from our German supplier <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Objectflor</a>, is called Expona SimpLay 19dB and it is an acoustic variant to the classic SimpLay vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring Expona SimpLay 19dB is a <strong>floor covering with a special acoustic layer</strong> made of 1 mm thick IXPE foam, which ensures impact sound absorption up to 19 dB. Thanks to the quick and easy installation system without the need of glueing, the floor is suitable for the renovation of areas that do not allow major construction work or where the floor is to be relocated elsewhere. Thanks to the high load classification (23, 33, 42), this floor <strong>can be installed even in very frequented places</strong> with a high level of use, only in case of extreme load it is recommended to use at least fixation. <strong>Expona SimpLay 19dB acoustic flooring features:</strong> • 12 wood and stone designs • Contains a layer of acoustic insulation IXPE foam that reduces impact sound by 19 dB. • The wear layer is 0.55 mm, load classification 23, 33, 42 suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use. • Installation height 5 mm • It consists of several layers that are thermally compressed into one unit, it is a heterogeneous floor covering. • It is suitbale for installation with floor heating. • PUR coating ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. • Does not contain phthalates or other harmful substances, complies with the relevant European certificates. Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:00:00 GTMart113Pointex carpets and fabrics for fairs and exhibitions in the early 1990s, the Italian company <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Pointex</a> specializes in <strong>decorative fabrics suitable for occasional use</strong>. These are mainly installed at exhibitions, fairs, conferences, fashion shows, weddings and various events. These decorative fabrics can be used as carpets and runners (with a stronger backing), as well as covers for walls, furniture and other organic shapes, as well as for partition walls, curtains, drapes and more. Most products are very durable, also suitable for outdoor installation. One of the great advantages of Pointex is the <strong>high degree of customization</strong> - tailoring the product to the individal needs of customer. Pointex can produce carpets and other textiles almost entirely to your wishes in a variety of shades and surface textures from one roll. The <strong>price/performance ratio of this range is very nice.</strong> <strong>Application of Pointex products:</strong> • Exhibitions, fairs • Fashion shows • Conferences, xx and business meetings • Galas and other events • Celebrations, parties, weddings • Outdoor events – garden parties, premieres with red carpet • Discos, music clubs, cinemas, theatres Come to visit <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom</a> in Flora where we can show you all the Pointex samples and help you to choose. Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:00:00 GTMart112Luxury hand made carpets ITC in 1968, the Dutch company ITC is a leader in the luxury carpet market. Their collection includes carpets mostly from a <strong>variety of natural materials</strong>, like sisal, coconut, New Zealand wool, silk, viscose and even sea grass and banana and bamboo fibers. Most of them <strong>are handmade</strong>, woven or tufted, with an emphasis on material and production quality. You can order most carpets as <strong>wall-to-wall, or rugs in fixed dimensions or bespoke rugs with individual dimensions</strong> (up to width of 500 cm) and various edging. These can be, for example, in the form of stitching or borderings from different materials (leather, cotton, suede, polyester) and colors - whether matched tone-to-tone with the rug or in contrasting color. ITC carpets are designed primarily <strong>for residential areas</strong>, but some types are also used in <strong>office areas, hotels, showrooms</strong>, etc. The entire range is divided into several collections according to the type of carpet. Some are made from solution dyed colored fibers, others are treated to be waterproof and dirt resistant. If you want to see <strong>samples of ITC rug and carpets</strong>, come to visit us in <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom</a> at Prague's Flora - we will be happy to help you choose the right carpet for you. Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:00:00 GTMart111Expona SimpLay – vinyl flooring without glueing<strong>Vinyl flooring Expona Simplay</strong> from our german supplier <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Objectflor</a> is a new combination if vinyl and carpet planks. Apart from classic planks and tiles in <strong>40 diverse designs</strong> are in the Expona Simplay collection also <strong>6 types of carpet planks and 4 types of planks with a cleaning zone</strong>. A highly valued property is its easy (and fast) installation without glueing and with the possibility of moving the floor to a different place. Vinyl planks and tiles with a special backing adhere to the foundation (or with only the use of fixation) and <strong>is not necessary to be glued</strong> or clicked one into anoother. <strong>Properties of the vinyl flooring Expona SimpLay 19 dB:</strong> • 40 various designs of wood and stone • 6 types of carpets and 4 types of cleaning zone • Fast and easy installation • Option of an easy replacement of a damaged tile or a replacement of the floor to a different place • Foundation remains undamaged • Resistant wear layer of 0,7 mm thickness • Wearability classes 23, 34 and 43 – the floor is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Come to <strong>check out samples of all possible designs</strong> of the Expona Simplay 19 dB floor in <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom</a> on Prague's Flora. Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:00:00 GTMart110Expona Click 19dB - waterproof floor with acoustic benefits flooring <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Expona Click 19dB</a> is a <strong>floor covering with a special acoustic layer</strong> that provides sound reduction of up to 19 dB. It is a floor that is installed with a so-called locking (or click-in) system, in this case specifically a patented 5G-i system, which ensures very fast and easy installation. In addition, it is also suitable for areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, thanks to its water resistance. <strong>Expona Click 19dB vinyl flooring features:</strong> • Contains a layer of acoustic insulation foam that reduces impact sound by 19 dB. • The Expona Click 19dB is waterproof - it does not swell when in contact with water and is therefore also suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. • Uses a patented 5G-i locking system - simple and quick installation, the floor is ready to walk. • This flooring is perfect for renewing existing surfaces - with a click-in system, it can easily be installed on a tile or other surface that may not have been removed before. • Under this type of floor, classic pads or vapor-permeable foils are crafted. • The wear layer is 0.55 mm, load class 23 and 34, suitable for residential and commercial use. • 6.5 mm installation height • It consists of several layers that are thermally compressed into one unit, it is a heterogeneous floor covering. • 12 wood designs • PUR coating ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. • Does not contain phthalates or other harmful substances. Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:00:00 GTMart109James cleaning means for carpets and floor coverings products have been added to our product range recently - it is the <strong>cleaning and protective equipment James</strong> from Dutch company of the same name. This company was founded in 1927 and offers a wide variety of products suitable for natural (such as wool) or synthetic carpets and upholstery, vinyl, PVC and all other water resistant hard floors like linoleum, ceramic tiles, epoxy floors, rubber and natural and artificial stone floors. You will find cleaning products for both <strong>acute stains and daily maintenance</strong>, or for creating protective layers. These products give thanks to the testing maximum effect without damaging the cleaned surface. With the use of <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">James Staindisc</a> (spreadsheet), you'll know quickly, which product to use. For example, James offers a handy <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Starter set</a> for carpet and upholstery maintenance that includes 3 products, a cotton cloth and an instruction disc. Some products are available in large five or ten liter packs suitable for commercial use. Tue, 30 May 2000 22:00:00 GTMart108Skyconcrete – the new generation of cement coating product in our offer - <strong>Skyconcrete cement coating</strong> is from our Italian supplier Isoplam, which has been specializing in the production of decorative surface products since 1979. This new generation of floor coatings is applied in thin 4-5 mm layers, which is also suitable for renovation of existing floors. It has very wide possibilities of coloring and different types of surfaces (smooth, rough). <strong>Features of Skyconcrete floor:</strong> • Application in only 4-5 mm • High durability and long life • Various surface finishes - can be smooth or rough • 35 color options plus the possibility of coloring with Plam Acid • Skyconcrete floors are waterproof and abrasion resistant • Existing surfaces such as tiles, marble or old concrete floors can also be renovated with Skyconcrete • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use • The Skyconcrete cement screed floor is easy to clean and maintain <strong>Where can Skyconcrete screeds be installed?</strong> Due to its high durability and long service life, the Skyconcrete floor is suitable not only for residential (dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms) and commercial (offices, shops, showrooms, restaurants, hotels) indoor areas, but also for outdoor areas (terraces, pools, etc.). Sat, 29 Apr 2000 22:00:00 GTMart107Vinyl flooring with the individual design design of vinyl floors, such as wood, stone or metal, now has a new competition. With advances in digital printing, new possibilities have opened up and now we can introduce hot news – <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">printed Absolute vinyl flooring</a> from the World of Wonders collection, with virtually <strong>any choice of design</strong>. We offer this novelty as the exclusive distributor of the Belgian company Beauflor for the Czech Republic. The possibilities are really wide, there are just a few examples in the gallery, but the result depends on your imagination - whether you choose a <strong>company logo, an abstract theme or cartoon characters</strong> from children's movies. The pattern itself is printed underneath the transparent wear layer to ensure its durability and the appropriate load classification. The minimum amount of this vinyl floor is 2 rolls (4 meters wide, 22 meters long). <strong>Properties of the printed vinyl flooring Beaufloor:</strong> • Unique individual prints with no visible pattern repeat • Wear layer 0,7 mm, total thickness 2 mm • It comes in rollls with lenght 22 m and width 4 m • High usage classification (34, 43), suitable for commercial and industrial areas • Suitable for installation with floor heating <strong>Where are the printed vinyl floors suitable?</strong> Because printed vinyl floors meet high load classes (34 – very heavy commercial, 43 - heavy industrial), they can be installed virtually anywhere - from <strong>residential areas to offices, hotels, restaurants and showrooms to industrial areas</strong>. Thu, 30 Mar 2000 22:00:00 GTMart106Microverlay – design coating for floors and walls <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Microverlay cement coating</a> from our Italian supplier Isoplam you can get exactly the paving you desire: fully customisable in colours and effects; easy and quick to install, even on existing surfaces. It is <strong>great for floors, walls, stairs and other solid surfaces </strong>(kitchen cabinets, bar counters etc.), in the interior or exterior. <strong>Properties of the design coating Microverlay</strong> • These coatings are <strong>very adhesive</strong>, they can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, kitchen lockers, bars, showers etc. • The Microverlay floors are just beautiful. You can <strong>choose from many colors and effects</strong> achieved by using different application techniques, colours or reactive dyes. • They are highly practical, <strong>easy to clean</strong> and maintain. • They are <strong>water- and fire resistant</strong>, you can apply them in kitchens, bathrooms or showers. • Microverlay screeds are perfectly resistant to abrasion and climatic stress, they can be installed in <strong>interiors and exteriors</strong>. • Microverlay flooring can by applied <strong>with floor heating</strong>. <strong>Where are the Microverlay screeds suitable?</strong> Microverlay is perfect for continuous surface, which is natural and innovative, able to make any environment unique. This coating is ideal in a <strong>modern and minimal environment</strong> but at the same time it can enrich a classic or rustic house. In only three millimetres of thickness, with Microverlay it is possible to <strong>renew existing surfaces</strong> (concrete, self-leveling, ceramics, wood, etc.) without removing them. Because of its monolithic structure Microverlay is ideal for those who do not like joints. Its unique features make it adaptable for internal or external applications and both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as plaster boards or masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms, showers… Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:00:00 GTMart105Contract carpets for project prizes new collection of contract carpets The Graphic Tile is characterized by not only modern design and high resistance (load class 33 indicates the possibility of using in highly frequented commercial areas) but also a very pleasant price / performance ratio. In addition, we offer <strong>special project prizes for larger projects</strong>. There are <strong>8 different qualities</strong> (Ambition, Emotion, Essential, Evolution, Imagination, Marble, Unique and Vapour), each available in several color variations (two to nine). <strong>Properties of The Graphic Tile contract carpet</strong> • Material is high quality polyamide yarn 100% PA • Size of tiles 50 x 50 cm • Pile structure - loop pile • Heavy commercial 33 classification for use - suitable into traffic areas (commercial and residential) • Possibility to provide the carpet with a Silent Bac secondary backing (over 400 m2) <strong>Using of The Graphic Tile contract carpets</strong> These contract carpets are thanks to the high durability suitabel <strong>for all residential and commercial areas</strong> – hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, showrooms and others. <strong>Samples at our showroom</strong> To find out more information about this product visit our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, where you can see and touch samples of all the carpets. Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:00:00 GTMart104Ftinice rugs from woven vinyl vinyl is undoubtedly a <strong>modern floor covering </strong>that combines high vinyl resistance and traditional look of woven carpet. Various colors and designs are available, vinyl comes in different formats (rolls, squares, planks, diamonds, triangles and more). If you are looking for a smaller rug <strong>for the interior or exterior</strong>, the woven vinyl can also solve your wish. Fitnice rugs are available either <strong>in standard shapes and sizes</strong>, or can be produced <strong>individually according to the customer's wishes</strong>. There are two shapes - a circle and a rectangle, in the following dimensions (circle diameter 140 and 180 cm, rectangle dimensions 60 x 120, 180 x 120, 170 x 240, 200 x 300 and 194 x 300 cm). You can choose from <strong>several types of borders</strong> or other edge finishes. <strong>The benefits of woven vinyl Fitnice rugs are:</strong> • High resistance • Original look • Natural anti-slip • Easy maintenance In our <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">BOCA showroom</a>, you can see all the samples of woven vinyl suitable for rugs of your choice. Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:00:00 GTMart103New designs of luxury JoV carpets company<a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href=""> JoV</a> is our supplier of luxury rugs made of the highest quality natural materials. In their collection you will find only <strong>handmade pieces with an emphasis on detail and quality of design</strong>. Each carpet is a unique original, which brings a specific touch to the interior, finely shaping it or defining it. With JoV rugs you have a wide range of choices – you can choose fabric (wool, silk, linen, mohair, cotton), color and design. The same stands for dimensions - at the customer's request <strong>it is possible to produce almost any shape and size</strong>. Available JoV designs are of course limited, but the offer is changing over time. Examples include the<strong> Tridon</strong> design (triangles with a different surface structure), <strong>Bricks</strong> (bricks assembled into strips), <strong>Trace</strong> (sloping stripes of different thickness), <strong>Boules </strong>(narrow strips and dots),<strong> Blur</strong> (gentle stylized diamonds). Special designs from renowned designers are also available - for example, The Hidden Stockholm carpets from the design studio Form Us With Love are made in Portugal from the best New Zealand wool. Or the Geometry Collection by Belgian designer Ben Beirens, who works with a simple motif of stripes and revives them using a diagonal perspective, working with layers and colors. Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:00:00 GTMart101Fitnice woven vinyl certified for the marine use Spanish supplier of <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Fitnice woven viny</a>l,<a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href=""> Vertisol</a>, has developed an entirely new collection of the Fitnice Floor series, which is optimally adapted for marine use. Fitnice IMO (Marine) woven vinyl is made of 75% PVC + 25% polyester and backing is 100% PVC. It meets all the highest standards set by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) certification, especially in the field of non-flammability. The resulting product is therefore <strong>suitable for use in the nautical industry</strong> - yachts, ferries, cruise ships, but also oil rigs. <strong>Properties of the Fitnice IMO woven vinyl:</strong> • Total height is 2.25 mm. • Impact sound insulation up to 13 dB. • Available in 8 colors. • It comes in tiles (50 x 50 cm), or planks. • Suitable for exterior and interior. • Resistant to saline corrosion. • Phtalate- and antimony- free. • Meets the highest fire protection requirements (IMO certified). Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:00:00 GTMart100When dealing with sound insulation - acoustic rubber floors new product from our Italian supplier of the <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Artigo</a> rubber flooring captures everyone who needs to solve the sound insulation. The entire Plansystem collection (seven products: <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Lava</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Kayar</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Grain</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Granito</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Natura</a>, <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Nd/Uni</a> and <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">Screed</a>) is available also in special X-Elastic version with acoustic backing. This will decrease acoustic noise up to 21 dB. This type of flooring is mostly used in commercial areas with increased silence requirements, such as <strong>hospitals, libraries or even some office spaces</strong>. The Artigo X-Elastic acoustic rubber floors also have the advantage that the same design exists in a normal version without an acoustic backing, so it is possible to combine them throughout the installation. The type without acoustic backing has a thickness of 2-3 mm, while the X-Elastic version has 4 or 5 mm. As the Plansystem collection has seven floor types, each of which offers a custom color palette, <strong>it's exactly 126 different options</strong> for how your new rubber floor with acoustic benefits can look. Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:00:00 GTMart99Expona Commercial – unlimited possibilities for your floor offer of vinyl flooring on our market is huge and it is not easy to choose the right one. Not all PVC floorings <strong>meet important standards</strong>, they can vary in individual parameters and offer completely different properties. BOCA relies on the German <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">supplier Objectflor</a>, which supplies vinyl flooring in rolls and tiles in many designs and colors. <strong>Why choose a vinyl floor</strong> The Expona Commercial vinyl flooring, which focuses on vinyl flooring in tiles and planks, has 80 designs available. The reasons why these floors are the top quality are for instance: • Vinyl floor is <strong>easy to maintain</strong>, just sweep it up and clean it. • It has a <strong>high resistance</strong>, it is divided into several classifications depending on the area the floor is suitable for (residential, commercial or industrial). • It is relatively <strong>easy to replace one particular piece</strong> if necessary and you dont have to disassemble the entire floor. • Expona vinyl flooring is <strong>softer and more flexible</strong> than a laminate, providing greater comfort. • Vinyl flooring <strong>dampens impact noise</strong>, has excellent acoustic properties. • The bonus is also the fact that these floors are <strong>anti-allergenic and antibacterial</strong>, plus they are 100% recyclable. <strong>Expona vinyl floors application</strong> Expona Commercial <strong>fits practically into any space</strong> - it is well-suited for common living spaces (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens), but also in offices, restaurants, shops, schools, libraries and other commercial spaces. <strong>All Expona Commercial samples</strong> We would like to invite you to <a class="aokdaz" target="_blank" href="">our showroom</a> in Prague, Flora, where you can view and feel <strong>all Expona vinyl flooring</strong> in 80 available designs. Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:00:00 GTMart97