Carpets Overlocking

Carpet overlocking, BOCA Praha services.

For carpet overlocking we use yarn of several kinds and colors. Stitching, in addition to highlighting the edges of carpets, it also prevents rug edges fraying (same as bordering and back-side folding does).

Overlocking is also great and often nicer alternative to skirting with plastic slats.

None of the services offered by us isnt made externally, all offered final adjustments are made in our company with an emphasis on quality materials and workmanship.


Woven vinyl Fitnice on walls, BOCA Prague sortiment.Woven vinyl Fitnice on walls, BOCA Prague sortiment.

Vinyl fabric Fitnice Wall

We introduce you our completely new product - vinyl wall covering Fitnice Wall. It is a woven vinyl fabric for wall covering from our e..

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