Cleaning of carpets and floor coverings

Cleaning of carpets and floor coverings

Proper, reasonably frequent and friendly floor maintenance is one of the basic services for our customers. Proper cleaning is essential for long life and nice look of flooring.

Our principles of carpets and floor coverings cleaning:

• We know that each type of flooring or carpet has to be cleaned in a different way.

• Everything is made by our own professionally trained staff with a lot of experience.

• We work strictly with professional tools and equipment which we keep clean and in perfect condition. This can guarantee long life of carpets/floor coverings and your satisfaction.

• We use only cleaning products of the highest quality that are recommended by the manufacturer of floor coverings. Wrong choice of cleaner may significantly reduce or irreversibly damage the fiber, surface or color of the floor covering.

If you are not sure about the maintenance, we recommend at least a consultation with our staff which can prevent any possible inconvenience. Visit our showroom where we can discuss all you need to know.


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