Fitnice rugs from woven vinyl

Woven vinyl is a modern flooring well suited also for the production of durable rugs - you can choose from various shapes and colors, rugs can be installed also in exterior.

Artigo rubber flooring in TON showroom

The dark grey Artigo rubber flooring in the TON showroom Ostrava - the combination of smooth, single-colored rubber and raw concrete walls, makes the exhibited furniture stand out.

New designs of luxury hand-made rugs JoV

The Belgian manufacturer of luxury rugs JoV from natural materials offers several new designs, one more interesting than the other.

Fletco carpets in a new Endorphin Republic shop

At the new Endorphin Republic sport shop in Prague's Waltrovka you will find our carpets not only on the floor but also on stands of various shapes.

When dealing with sound insulation: acoustic rubber floors Artigo

We are working with Artigo rubber floors for a long time. What's new, however, is the acoustic backing that ensures a noise reduction of up to 21 dB ... and this can be useful.

Fitnice woven vinyl certified for the marine use

Our Spanish supplier Vertisol invented a special collection od woven vinyl Fitnice IMO Marine which is certified by International Maritime Organization for use on ships, yachts, ferries, and even on oil rigs.

Theater podium covered with BOCA contract carpets

During the revitalization of the Lovoš cultural center, our carpets were applied not only as a standard flooring fot the foyer, but also as a covering material on the stage.

carpets and floor coverings for Your Space
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BOCA Company

BOCA company was founded in 1991, more than 20 years on the czech market, what definitely means something. From the beginning our main goal is offering products and services of the maximum quality, your satisfaction and the resulting long-term cooperation with all our customers. Since the company founding we are still expanding and improving our product range with not only interesting products and new suppliers, but also with the the new services. Our goal is to provide you complete service associated with floor coverings. Our great joy and goal is to work with all our customers - mostly architects, designers, developers, end users, and increasingly also with professionals from other fields such as fashion or graphic design.

Our Product Range

BOCA is all about quality and design. We work, often exclusively, only with selected suppliers, whose name is a quality guarantee of itself. Our wide product range is traditionally dominated by carpets of all kinds and colors: contract carpets, luxury rugs, sisal carpets, wool carpets, handmade rugs, carpet tiles, outdoor carpets, etc. The carpets are closely related to category of Floor underlays. Underlay can improve the properties of carpets and floor coverings (sound and thermal insulation, comfort) and considerably extend their lifetime. With the growth of the company our product range develops and grows too. Woven PVC is a good example of very succesfuul floor covering with interesting design, which we launched on the Czech Republic market. Another major category is cleaning zones and mats (doormats) which are sold not only separately, but often also as a part of larger projects. Our next traditional category is vinyl flooring, which is becoming more popular in recent years. Recently we have included in our product range very durable and visually very interesting rubber flooring. Finally, we also offer synthetic grass, especially suitable for leisure time.

Our Services

If the product quality is guaranteed by our and our suppliers´ brands, BOCA services are purely company guaranteed. We are trying hard to provide services of the highest possible level, because we believe that our approach and the quality of our service means your satisfaction, trust and perhaps even long-term cooperation. We place great emphasis on the fact that our services(made only by our employees) are of the highest possible professional level, we follow the latest technological possibilities and our staff atsend regular training directly from our suppliers (materials, chemicals, machinery, etc.). Some of our most popular services include carpets bordering, carpets overlocking or cutting out/printing of your own logo on the floor covering. Another services are Installation of carpets and floor coverings or carpets/floor coverings cleaning. Professional carpet/floor covering installation and appropriate carpets cleaning are the basis of coverings long lifetime and your satisfaction. Among the interesting services that we are able to offer in cooperation with our suppliers there is also custom design of floor coverings and carpets possibility - whether the reason is a nice flooring in house or brand building. Learn more about our great services in the Services chapter.

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